For The Love Of Lisbon!


Just that name, that sound, those two syllables, fills my heart with a little bit of this warm emotion known to the general populance as joy. And nostalgia. And wistfulness. And a bit of anger because, Mother, why on earth did you need to birth me here when you could have birthed me there? It’s a mixed bag.

Hey wonderful winning sperms! How are you? Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the places my heart now calls home – one of the favourite places I have visited on this earth . . . Lisbon.

Earlier this summer, I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to see Guns’N’Roses play live on their Not In This Lifetime tour – in Lisbon. In a few words: life-changingly good. (If anyone wants me to post about that concert, let me know! I’ll probably post about it anyway, but still.)

In movies, characters always seem to have these pivotal moments. These activities and memories that shape who they are and who they become.

I’ve always thought that was, quite frankly, unrealistic. Seeing someone across the room for the first time and feeling your life irrevocably just shift? Nope. Trying a new hobby, only to feel something just click into place within you? Nah. Stumbling across a photograph of a place and thinking “yes, I belong there” and finding your fate? Pfft.

But, I don’t know . . . this was a pivotal moment for me. Maybe it was the sheer magic of watching something I’d thought was impossible (there’s a reason it’s called the “Not In This Lifetime” tour); watching one of the defining aspects of my childhood live as I started my way into adulthood; maybe it was just the sheer fact that this is what life should be made of. This is what I want my life to be made of. Something about that concert, that trip, was my movie moment.

Side note: they were also amazing. Genuinely such a brilliant performance.

So that’s how I ended up in Lisbon.

I call fate here; in all honesty, Lisbon is not somewhere I would have chosen to go. It would have never even crossed my mind – I wasn’t even really aware of its existence before. (I dropped Geography when I was like 13, okay; don’t blame me, blame the British education system where you can only study 2 optional courses and the humanities such as geography and history are not mandatory and your GCSEs dictate your A-Levels which then dictate your University choices and, if I wanted to do something in media and graphics, my GCSEs needed to be art and Media Studies or I would’ve had no career relevant to my skills and become homeless and eventually died… or, at least, that’s what they teach us.)

But the people I went to watch GNR with were like “hey, we fancy going to Lisbon!” so there we went.

And, oh my lord, I cannot even describe to you the love I feel for that place. I don’t know where to start. Is it the beautiful scenery? The cobblestone hills? Lisbon is a city built on a variety of different levels – a fact we were immediately confronted with when our cab driver came to an abrupt stop and said “sorry, the car can’t get up here; you’ll have to walk the rest of the way” – and it’s a sometimes strangely setup place. Countless alley-ways and turn-off paths and dips and valleys . . .

If you read about my trip to Valencia (if you didn’t it’s linked and a beautiful place, so I’d recommend reading it), you already know how much I love architecture. It’s actually one of the things I find slightly depressing about living in London; a lot of our old-fashioned, Victorian-era buildings are being knocked down and replaced by the generic, ugly new-builds. I hope a shudder of revulsion and horror went down your spine at those words. Screw ghosts and zombies, that is what horror movies should be about.

Lisbon is home to many beautiful buildings – and time spent wandering the streets is time spent gawking in wonder.


 I apologise about the quality of some of these images – I didn’t own a camera at this point and my phone is unreliable at best, so some images are . . . questionable.

One thing that photographs cannot capture (okay, well, I’m sure they can, but mine can’t) is the atmosphere of a place. The hustle-bustle of people going about their lives, the social culture, the relaxation. I’d have loved to go back to Lisbon with my best friend and spent a week or two strolling around the city, casually lounging in resturaunts and talking and eating for hours like the locals do.

 But don’t let me fool you – this isn’t a lazy, relaxed place; it’s fun. Lisbon is bustling and lively. While we were there, over 3 days, there were at least three street parties dancing into the early hours. And there’s so much to do.

Admittedly random side note: one thing I did notice was the wonderful healthy food options everywhere. There were smoothie cafes (where they were made in front of you!), fruit stalls and salads wherever you turned. And absolutely all the food was delicious. There were so many cute little cafes and resturaunts.

We snuck into a castle (an open to the public castle, admittedly) and . . . look at the view. I really don’t know why I’m writing this post; I’m just making myself want to go back.

I’m so proud of that image.

Right, you beautiful people . . . I don’t think I can do this any longer. I don’t think my heart can take it. I beg you – I implore you – once in your life, take the time to visit Lisbon. It’s such a charming place; full of character and vibrancy. Oh, and there’s a rubber duck store – but that’s a whole seperate post.

So what did you guys think of this place? (Be nice, it’s dear to my heart.) Have any of you ever visited Lisbon? Did you love it? I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the tiles (and, honestly, the tiles are probably one of Lisbon’s most prominent features – I actually bought fridge magnets dedicated to them!). Would you ever visit? Have I convinced you to add it to the bucketlist? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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60 thoughts on “For The Love Of Lisbon!”

  1. My cousin’s girlfriend at the time was the promoter for Premier who brought them over here in 93. It was a hot hot day and the venue didn’t make water easily accessible. Those were the days where I sometimes had to cut away a segment of other people’s garden hoses… I guess also making water inaccessible.
    I remember still taking guitar lessons back then and that teacher being a Slash hater. I also remember that cousin’s girlfriend asking me to go see Izzy play a year or 2 later. I guess I couldn’t get out of the room that often because of those errant bits of garden hosing everywhere. I did actually get stuck in someone’s ceiling for a while back then. Yep… garden hose. You would be surprised how things grow in all sorts of places. Only guitar picks in my pockets now thank Bastet.

      1. One of my rants again. All apologies to quote Kurt. True though. My cousin left the business a while ago to become a high school English teacher. I reckon he would be good at it. He’s a long way away though. Left significant enemies behind in my town. Has caused a few to take a shot at me. I don’t tell them I’ve not seen him in 20+ years. Wouldn’t want to ruin a good fight… and family is family. As Jackie Chan said in City Hunter…. Damn!!!! I am a really good fighter.
        Whoops. Sorry. I ranted again. Hope your full moon weekend rocked it bigtime

    1. I was just reading an article arguing that the reason older architecture is more beautiful than the new stuff is because older architecture is meant to be beautiful while the new stuff is meant to be merely different and interesting. Older architecture was built as a public statement for everyone to be in awe of, while newer architecture is designed to impress other architects.

      1. Girllllll please do a post on that concert, I love Guns N’ Roses so much!! I can’t believe you got to see them in Lisbon of all places, you’re so lucky!! These photos are beautiful xxx

        1. YESSS! Me too! If they ever tour again (fingers crossed!) we’ll go 😉 I’ll definitely write a post about it; I have VIDEOS TOO! 😀 And I know – I felt so unbelievably lucky! Thank you lovely xxxx

        1. I haven’t read much about Lisbon so thanks for letting me experience this! Indeed, it’s a beautiful place and I’m pretty sure I’d love it there, too 🙂 Oh! And Please do a post of the concert! 🤗

          PS: love how u said hi to us winning sperms 😂

          1. Thank you lovely! I definitely think you’d love it, it’s truly a unique lil slice of the world! And YESSS happily! I’m so glad you’d like a concert post because I’ve been dying to post about it 😀 And why thank you 😉 I think sometimes we all need a reminder that we won at life before we were even born! x

            1. Ikr? Whenever we’re feeling down, I think that’s what we just have to tell ourselves! “Hey, I’m the winner amongst millions of sperms. If that can’t make me happy, what can?” Hahaha

            1. I have never even considered visiting Lisbon – didn’t think it would be my kind of holiday. But OH MY; your photo’s are incredible! I really want to go now and I’m definitely going to make it happen one day

              1. LITERALLY!!! These were my EXACT thoughts like it just never occurred to me to go….until i went and was absolutely blown away by how FUN everything is! Definitely do make an effort to go; you’ll love it xx

            2. Omggggg I love this post and your pictures! <3 Lisbon looks so beautiful and is so near to Spain! I def should go there soon. I have friends there too 🙂 I love Pastel de Nata <3

            3. I’ve never really been anywhere, and your photos of Lisbon and the way you talk about it – adding it to my someday list haha. It sounds like a wonderful place to be ☺️

              1. You did Lisbon proud, Mia. I knew we there was something that we could natter about (if there is not more), if we sat for coffee somewhere in a little cafe in London, and well Lisbon would top my list — and the fact that I stood in front of the same peeling blue door and photographed it like an odd person (going by the looks of locals).

                1. Why thank you so much, Arundhati! <3 I definitely think we'd have a grand time sitting down and chatting in a little London cafe, people watching . . . but I am so glad to know that you loved Lisbon too! As for the door – great minds think alike 😉 I was disappointed I didn't get more photos of the tiles x

                  1. The tiles …ah I went a little too crazy clicking them on all those old facades. Lisbon is for the soul. That melancholic fado and air of faded beauty is intoxicating.
                    Someday maybe the cafe and a few pints at a pub 🙂 xx

                2. I love the floral romper you’re spotting, it really makes you one with bright and happy Lisbon in a contrasting way! I’ll have to pin this place down to my to-gos!

                3. I’m crying, why are the knocking down the Victorian era buildings in London? I think you’ve convinced me to cross London off my bucket list and to add Lisbon instead. I’m glad you had a pivotal moment in your life and I hope you believe in them more now. 🙂

                    1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! It’s the one place I’m genuinely disappointed I visited so early because there are so many way more beautiful sights (like peacocks in the castle, the trams, street parties, the tiles and so much more) that i didn’t get images of because my phone was dead half the time, but I genuinely hope you go because it’s such a special place. AND OMG THEY WERE AMAZING! there are rumours they’re doing donnington 2018 and I am THERE if they are!xx

                        1. Have you tried Wowcher and Groupon? You can get some insanely cheap deals – and once you’re in the EU it’s crazy cheap to jump around from there. But I’m definitely jealous of being in the US – you have pretty much everything you need in one MASSIVE place 😀 xx

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