DIY Dried Flowers Greeting Cards

by Mia M.

Well, pastel dye my hair and put me in a flowy, lace dress (it’s cold, please don’t) because I have now officially reached Tumblr level 6,000. It’s happened.

Why, you may ask? Well . . . look at the “bunch” of stuff I just bought:

Please tell me you died inside a little at my pun. I need someone to have an intervention and tell me “Mia, that’s not okay”.

We are now firmly in Christmas territory – there’s no denying it for you Scrooges out there. Now, this year I thought I was really organised; I had most of my presents bought and wrapped by the first week of December! However, as is the way of the world, when you think you’ve prepared for every outcome and planned every possible bump in the road . . . well, life throws a curveball at you. For me?

I forgot to buy Christmas cards.

I know, I know; is it even that big a deal? Does anyone even care anymore?

No, not really – but I wanted to win at Christmas this year and beat it’s expensive, stress-inducing spirit to the floor. And one cannot win at Christmas without Christmas cards. Also, I ordered loads of dried flowers (I have ridiculous spending habits, sue me) and they were staring at me, whispering “Mia . . . make something with me”. I am not a cruel mistress, and so I had to pick up my scissors and get crafting. Besides, I’ve shared Christmas wrapping paper with you, some DIY Christmas gifts and even some decorations . . . how could I not include cards?

I’m creating a mini-Christmas brand here; I can’t just leave it incomplete. No, seriously, I am using these towards my portfolio. It’s woefully empty at the moment and every little helps.

You Will Need:

More than the things in this photograph; sorry, guys, I was struck by inspiration halfway through making these and I had to branch out.

What You Need To Do

  1. Figure out a rough composition/arrangement.

    The first step is to create a look that you like; I liked the contrast between a touch of black card the flowers. From here, you also see if you need to cut down or rearrange your flowers a touch.
  2. Wrap some tissue around your flowers to create a more pretty bouquet. The whole point of this damn card is to be aesthetic, you need to commit!
  3. Glue down your black card, then cellotape your bouquet in your desired position.
  4. Thread the alphabet beads onto some string (tying a knot before and after each word so it stays in place).
  5. Cellotape the string (on the inside of the card) so it wraps around the entire card. Rearrange the tissue of the bouquet so the cellotape is covered. Enjoy your hard work – and maybe a hot chocolate. You’ve just won Christmas, kid. Congrats.

Now, this is just a first smash at these; there are a couple of things I will tweak on my next go . . . But I think it was a pretty good first attempt! Besides, dried flowers make anything 100x better. And if you’re lucky enough to not need to give out Christmas cards (and, yes, I do technically fit into this category, but I’m winning at Christmas this year, don’t test me) you can keep these adorable cards . . . and use them in a super cute DIY I have coming up in New Year. I know, I know – you didn’t sign up to follow a DIY blog.

Well, when I was signed up to life as my parents’ child, I thought I was meant to be mixed race and I’m the colour of the inside of a Kinder Bueno (ie paler than my white dad), so we don’t all get what we expect from this life.

Anyways, that’s this post done! I hope you guys enjoyed it; would you try this DIY? Or are you totally not a card giver? Also, can we please discuss the beauty that is dried flowers? I feel like my entire summer next year I’m going to collect flowers just to dry them and decorate with them! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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