DIY: Stunning Marble Plant Pots w/ Acrylic Pour Paints!

by Mia M.

Hello gorgeous people and welcome to a prologue to my IKEA hack mini series! I’d planned to keep this series to the three posts I mentioned in my DIY/Crafting Bucketlist . . . But when this idea sprang up, I just couldn’t resist! So what are we crafting today? 

These beautiful plant pots! I grabbed some $2 basic plant pots from IKEA because . . . well, because basic is better than the ugly plastic pots plants all seem to come in. This 5 minute, easy AF hack I discovered though?

Chuck the $2 price tag in the bin – these might as well be from Anthropologie because they are stunning.

Monochrome Acrylic Paint Pour Plant Pot
Monochrome Acrylic Paint Pour Plant Pot

Plus, all you need are some acrylic pour paints – which you can pick up for super cheap and use in lots of other fun ways. You guys know how much your girl loves her a super simple craft.

What I love about these is that you can customise them in any number of ways. My room is more “hippy dippy” vibes, so the warm golden tones fit right in. I’m currently DIY-ing some fun gifts for my boyfriend’s birthday, though, so that monochrome plant pot is going straight to him. 

Whatever colour scheme you’re trying to fit, you can buy paint shades that suit you.

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  • Acrylic Pour Paints in your chosen colours ( // )
  • Plant Pots
  • A disposable cup or jar to hold the paints in
  • And a surface you don’t mind getting paint on!


If you want a quick-n-easy tutorial to follow, make sure to watch my Youtube video and subscribe to me over on there too!

  1. Tip your plant pots upside down on a covered surface.
  2. In your disposable cup/jar, pour each colour of your acrylic pour paint into a separate corner. It’s important to make sure you’re not just putting block layers of one colour into your cup. In each layer of cup, make sure you’re including each of your colours.
  3. Tip your cup upside down over your plant pot.
  4. And that’s it! Leave the paint to set for a minimum of 6 hours (I left mine overnight), scrape off any extra paint and enjoy your paint pots!


If you guys have been following my blog for the past few months, you have have noticed my *constant* references to my plant collection. I say collection loosely, it’s really more of an obsession. (At present, I have 36 plants in my office. And that’s not included plants I’ve grouped together in terrariums. Corona can’t come for my lungs when my air’s this clean.)

I’ve actually been “investigating” different ways to spice up my plant pots recently – so let me know if you guys enjoy this kind of content and I can create more! Or you can skip to other people’s content – in which case, make sure you’re following my gardening & planter Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

On a completely unrelated note, your girl is trying to cater to the Pinterest algorithm by making video pins. I made one for this post (you can see it live and repin it here if you want), but the video footage really picks up all the shimmering tones in the paint. I’ve also included the clip below so check it out. I think it really shows just how beautiful these actually turn out!

Alright, lovers, that’s a wrap! As I’m sure you can probably guess, this post means your girl is back. I’ve missed chatting to you all, so I’m going to have fun checking in on everyone’s blogs. I did use my off-screen time well and have been making lots of cute shit, so watch this space . . .

Did you guys enjoy this post? Would you make these pots yourself? Was your favourite the gold finish or the monochrome? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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