My Everyday Quick, Healthy & Delicious Breakfast & Its Benefits

Hi guys – how’s it going? Good? Fantastic, I’m glad – now, stop hogging the spotlight and let me get on with the post.

If you’ve been following me for a long old time, you may remember my recipe post for 2 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes. And, if you don’t, let me refresh your memory.

You may be shocked, horrified and disappointed to learn that I . . . God, this is hard . . .

I am a healthy eater.

Well, somewhat. I try to eat healthily; it doesn’t always happen, but overall I’d say I do pretty okay.

When I have the time to prepare my breakfasts (and the ingredients, that’s also a big factor), I do like to start my day with something vitamin-packed and nourishing. And yummy, because I’m not sacrificing my tastebuds for my health; knowing my luck I’d get hit by a car and all that healthy eating would be for nothing anyway. God, if you’re listening, that is the exact opposite of what I want to happen. Don’t let that happen. Please. Prayer done, Mia out.

In today’s post, I am bringing you my current go-to healthy breakfast. Unlike those admittedly delicious pancakes, this breakfast is quick and simple – with real minimal clean up and preparation. It’s the perfect pre-work meal and it keeps you nice and full until lunchtime.

So what is this delicious breakfast? Well, in all honesty, it’s actually quite basic: oats, yogurt, fruit and seeds or nuts. If you’re feeling fancy, maybe some dark chocolate chunks. That’s it. However, this combination is surprisingly delicious – and it has a whole host of benefits.

Farina Nut Bowl – £12.95


Oats or muesli.

Personally, I just buy normal oats (they’re almost laughably cheap; you can pick up massive bags for like 20p from Tescos) and I stick in them mason jars. Also – and you environmentalists will love this – I use my old coffee jars to store my oats. (No, but seriously, guys reuse things because our planet is literally dying.)


My friends, I am going to block quote this next bit because it literally changed my life – and my bank account – for the better.

Buy your berries frozen.

Frozen berries are ridiculously cheap – you can buy 1kg of frozen berries for £3.25. A kilogram. You pay like £3.50 for 200g of fresh berries – and they’re not even mixed.

Tesco Perfectly Imperfect Mixed Berry 1Kg

1kg Frozen Berries – Tesco Online – £3.25

Or 3 bags of 500g of frozen fruit for £5.

I’m sorry, but how cost-efficient is this? Not to mention, it prevents you from having fruit going off and getting wasted.


Because you need something to make the oats edible. Also, pro-biotics – but we’ll talk about those a little bit later. My yogurt of choice is Onken Blueberry flavour.

(Optional) Chia or Flax Seeds

Benefits, baby.

(Optional) Dark Chocolate

For the taste.


Alright beauties, now that you know how simple it is to make this little breakfast bowl . . . let’s talk about why you should.



Probiotic yogurt has so many benefits that it’s basically a superfood, so what better way to kick off your day? Here are a few of the main attractions:

  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lowers the Risk of Colorectal Cancer
  • Supports Weight Loss and Increases Fat Loss
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol – Source


Let’s be real here: I don’t even need to talk about why berries are so good for you. We all are well aware of the multitude of benefits eating fruit has for us. But fine, if you want more evidence:

  • Berries are packed with anti-oxidants
  • Berries are high in fibre
  • Berries may improve blood sugar and insulin response
  • Berries are low in calories, but very high in nutrients
  • Berries can help reduce inflammation
  • Berries are good for skin
  • Berries may help protect against cancer
  • Berries can help to keep your arteries healthySource


I’ll be honest – before researching this post, I thought the only real benefit that oats had was fibre and . . . well, just giving the bowl some texture and extra taste. To my very pleasant surprise, I was super wrong and oats are actually a very healthy food all on their own!

  • Oats are among the most nutrient-dense foods  
  • Oats have a lot of anti-oxidants
  • Oats can lower cholesterol levels and and protect LDL cholestrol from damage
  • Oats can improve blood sugar control

Okay, my beautiful people, I hope I convinced you to give this breakfast bowl a try! It’s honestly delicious, super easy to make and packed with so many benefits your body just won’t know how to process all the goodness! By the way, if you guys are into your healthy eating, don’t forget to follow my Healthy Food Pinterest board!

What do you think of this breakfast idea? Have you ever tried this bowl? What’s your go to breakfast meal? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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62 thoughts on “My Everyday Quick, Healthy & Delicious Breakfast & Its Benefits”

  1. Oh my God this looks delicious!! 😍 I find breakfast to be the most difficult time of the day because I never know what to put together and then I worry about days where I’m in a rush and need stuff prepared beforehand so this is brilliant (in the end I usually go with tea and toast which gets very boring 😂). Plus we always have frozen fruit in the freezer because I just assume it only goes towards smoothies so I seem to have the ingredients down! I love that you shared the health benefits of it all too! ❤ (Sorry for the long comment 😂).

    1. Oh girl I totally get that! Honestly, that’s me with lunch – breakfast I can kind of autopilot, but lunch always just throws me for a massive loop! And thank you for the comment, it made me smile <3

  2. It looks delicious !!! I’ve never tried oats with yogurt, I always to the same porridge 😂 i’l definitely try your recipe next time! Do you add any sugar or something yo sweeten it ? 😮

  3. WTF how does this look so amazing, my breakfast is usually whatever I can quickly grab out of the cupboard if I’m even feeling like it, this looks so good !! xxx

  4. That looks like a good way to start the day! Do you cook the oats? I might seem naive for asking that, but you didn’t say, and I’m curious.

    1. how the fuck does your breakfast look so beautiful when mine looks like a bowl of beige wheatabix and a bruised old banana, I am doing something wrong here mate. The photos are stunning babe xx

    2. It looks delicious!! Need to try it out someday! Even though idk how yogurt and oats will test together but need to try out new thing, right? xx

      1. Love this post! I like to do my own yogurt ‘parfaits’ with oats, flax, chia, hemp sometimes dark or semi-sweet chocolate, and of course some fresh fruit. I also like to add in a pinch of cinnamon. It’s always my go-to breakfast, and can be made the night before and stored for convenience. (:

      2. Gooooood this looks so delicious! How beautiful is your bowl please?! Eating pretty healthy dishes makes you crave less for fast food I think. I’d always prefer a pretty bowl of fruits over a disgusting looking maccas burger. I’ll have to try your combination now xx

      3. Omg omg how do you make this look so yummy!!! I just found out how heap frozen berries are…and how good😄 I always thought they’d be less sweet for some reason.

      4. This breakfast looks amazing! I am always looking for breakfast inspo and this looks like something I would loooove to try <3 Starting your day with fruits is just the best! I usually either make a smoothie bowl or toast but I have to try this xxx

      5. Thanks for making my mouth water Mia…. These littl’ dishes looks SO yummi – like I can’t even describe it. Also, look at your photos! They look so PRO. I’ll without a doubt have to try these for my breakfast. Speaking of breakfast; I think my go to is either oatmeal w. banana and honey or yoghurt w. granola and berries <3 xxx

      6. Wow, I can’t get over how good you made this breakfast look, points for presentation haha!
        I definitely want to try this, unlike you I am far from a healthy eater especially when it comes to breakfast, I always crave unhealthy things! 😅
        Thanks for sharing! 💕

      7. Again, you tackle the most casual posts with such unique additions. The incorporation of benefits was thorough, and It’s unique! I don’t see many recipes that go out of their way to enlighten the reader of benefits. Great job!!

      8. GIRL this is my go to every morning during the summer because of how easy and stress free it is – also I see you’re putting those bowls to good use haha, I’m still obsessed with them! I probably also need to make my berrie and smoothie bowls look as nice as yours do, I’ll be sending a photo to you when the day comes xx

      9. This sounds delicious! Do you soak the oats overnight or just make them in the morning? I prefer using granola and adding frozen fruit and alpro yogurt with some maple syrup because I prefer the crunch and sweetness. xx

      10. Thanks for sharing Mia, nice read i have to eat healthy because I have PKD,I eat lots of fruits regularly 🍒 #nocaffieneforme

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