Curly Hair Essentials: The Best Hair Oil Ever – Jasmine Oil.

Hey, you sexy readers.

I have something brilliant to share with you today – something, dare I say, revolutionary. But first, a story.

So one of the blogs that I follow, Cassixmakeup, uploaded a post that I just found really beautiful. It’s linked here, but basically it’s about how she takes care of her mixed race daughter’s hair. I know it sounds odd, but as a mixed race girl with hard-to-tame hair it was just such a lovely thing to read. You could really tell that she had taken the time to research and invest in different products for her baby – and I know her daughter is going to appreciate it so much.

When I was younger, I was surrounded by two parents who had no clue what to do with my hair. My mother’s the black parent and she was used to relaxing her hair, cornrowing it, braiding it, etc. You know, just things that would probably make mine fall out. My dad is white and . . . well, the only thing he knows about female hair is that you’re meant to brush it. Which you aren’t meant to do with curls. So we were all stuck in this kind of limbo where we all agreed that my hair was a pain in the ass and controlling it was, in every sense of the word, painful.

On top of this, I’m a ’98 baby, so the abundance of information about curly hair that we have on the internet . . . wasn’t out there when I first toddled into this cold world. I was stuck with a mop on my hair that broke combs and snapped hairbands. Every new product that did anything was a miracle.

It’s weird; I’ve never really written about my curly hair or shared tips on how to manage it – but Cassi’s post reminded me that there are first time mummas out there looking for help on managing hair. And girls with curls looking for their next solution. So I thought; hey! I’ve had 18 years of trial and error when it comes to curly hair; I could help a few people with things.

Today’s post is one such thing.

So, without further ado, please welcome my holy grail product. The creme-de-la-creme of the cocktail concoction that goes on my hair.

Jasmine Oil.

Right, now, I don’t know if maybe I’m living in some sort of insulated bubble that beauty-talk does not enter (wouldn’t surprise me) but I never hear anyone mention Jasmine Oil. We all hear about Olive Oil (admittedly great), Argan Oil (also pretty good; not the best, in my opinion, but good) and Coconut Oil (love you, baby).

And I’m confused as to why we don’t mention Jasmine Oil.

Why? Well, here are some of the amazing effects it has:

Benefits of Jasmine Oil

  • It moisturises, defines and hydrates . . . all without flattening. All the girls with the curls know the struggle – we can have perfect ringlets . . . at the expense of volume. Oil usually weighs down hair and makes it flat as hell. Jasmine oil . . . really doesn’t. But you’ll see that later.
  • It. Smells. Amazing. Seriously – I’m on day 2 hair and people at work are still asking me what that nice smell is. Jasmine Oil has a really lovely fragrance to it that will leave you feeling like you’ve just sprayed perfume every time you flick your hair.
  • Oh, and it’s great for your hair. Jasmine oil is nourishing and is well known for preventing breakage in hair. And it makes it feel so soft. If you want to read more information about why it’s amazing for your hair, feel free to read this:

Where To Find Jasmine Oil?

You can buy this oil in pretty much any ethnic hair store (I believe it’s more of an Asian beauty product, so go for that section) – and I actually buy mine in the ethnic section of Superdrug!

KTC Jasmine Hair Oil Leaving Hair Feeling Hydrated and Healthy 250 ml

Now, obviously I can tell you how amazing a product is – but I’d argue that you’d be better off seeing the effect it has.

Jasmine Oil Effects (Before and After Photos On Curly Hair)

So there’s one universal rule that all us curly girls have:

Conditioner is life.

Conditioner is what keeps your hair moisturised and healthy. Shampoo cleans your hair by stripping it, which means that your hair will feel dehydrated, tangly and frizzy. Shampooed and not conditioned hair will feel and look like shit. Period.

So obviously that’s the hair I was going for!

To show you the power of the oil, I washed my hair without conditioner and hated e v e r y second.

This is my hair wet and disgustingly uncombed. You can tell (I realise many of you can’t, so I’ll explain) because when you comb curly hair wet and with product you don’t get loose, almost rat-tail waves (at least not with my curl pattern) you typically get something that looks more like this:

Image result for wet combed curly hair


See the left side of head where she’s worked the product in? That’s what it’s meant to look like.

Mine? Well, mine looked like this:

*Shudders in horror*

Okay, I know most people can’t tell, but the ends should be more ringlety – each of the curls is very defined but not in a curl in a “rat tail”. This is bad and dries up ugly.

So I worked a small bit of oil into my palms, then applied to the ends of my hair. The ends of your hair are the driest (so the most prone to looking frazzled) and the ones that curl the best, so they need the most attention.

I then worked a small amount (more the leftover oil) into the higher parts of my hair. This was a much lighter coverage, just to add a little definition and shine. See how gross the top looks? This is why we condition, kids.

And after a few hours?

Ta da! My hair is massive – but defined.

(I’m also a poster-child for shrinkage – look at all that length just disappearing!)

The Jasmine Oil has it looking healthy and presentable – without weighing it down. You can see patches where the hair wasn’t covered with the oil and the disgusting results that were leftover, so I think you can draw your own conclusions from that.

To conclude . . .

Basically: if you have curly hair, get yourself some Jasmine Oil. It’s ridiculously cheap at around Β£2 for a massive bottle and it will make your hair soft and beautiful. Even if you have straight hair, this would make a great hair treatment.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Do I have any curly-haired girls out there? Let me know your thoughts below.


33 thoughts on “Curly Hair Essentials: The Best Hair Oil Ever – Jasmine Oil.”

    1. Neither had I; it’s one of those really un-hyped things! I was just in Superdrug one day, needing oil for my hair, and this was the last thing left…. 100% changed my life (well, in terms of my hair at least) i highly recommend giving it a try

  1. Hahaha, I might not sport lovely curly locks, but I have them annoying wavy ones. They threaten to spoil my peace more often than I care for. Should I let them have jasmine oil too? πŸ˜‰

    1. My spam filter is going crazy – I’m not sure how this comment ended up in it *shakes head in confusion*…but yes, definitely! You could try to dilute the oil with water and put it in a spray if having oil on your hair type means oil would be too heavy πŸ˜€ x

      1. That is a great idea. I once put a generous dollop of coconut oil into my scalp and what do I say, it was oily for months!!! I shall try this out, wise one. xx

      1. Awww thank you for the amazing compliments! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

        Omg! I’m going to have to get some jasmine oil! 😍😍😍😍

          1. Your curls are great! ✨ my hair is naturally curly too but it’s super frizzy and unmanageable so I always turn to have them rebonded haha. But I will recommend jasmine oil to my mum because she kept her curly hair πŸ™‚

          2. That`s sooooooo helpful. Thank you! I always spend too much money on shampoos and other products for curly hair. This one is so cheap and checking your photos with amazing effects I will get the oil as soon as I can. You`ve made my day. All the best πŸ™‚

          3. I never thought about Jasmine oil! I usually would use conditioner and mix Argan oil. Sometimes it turns out gorgeous like yours. There is always shrinkage if I don’t braid it into four sections to let it dry. Curl hair struggles hahaha the great things is when we do use a flat iron or curling wand on our hair it always holds well πŸ™‚

            Keri Elaine

            1. I apply it to wet hair, but I pour a really small bit into my palms, rub them together so it’s a thin layer and then apply it to the ends and work any remaining product into the strands (but there shouldn’t be much). The key is make sure you’re only working with a LITTLE bit of oil at a time πŸ™‚ x

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