8 BEST Aliexpress Stationery Stores For Cute Finds!

Hello, fellow stationery lovers, today I’m going to be talking about two things we all know and love: stationery and bargains! Namely, the best stationery shops on Aliexpress . . .  so you can fulfil all your bullet journaling needs without denting your bank account.

best stationery stores aliexpress

If you’ve been here since the beginning, you may remember my Aliexpress Stationery haul in which I shared some cute stickers with you all . . . Well, it’s a few years later and my addiction has only increased. I have a lot of experience buying journalling and craft supplies from China, so this list of the best stationery stores on Aliexpress is the cumulation of years of trying and testing. Enjoy!


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Okay, this store is basically a stationery lover’s wet dream. It’s perfect for bullet journallers, crafters, scrapbookers, artists . . . To suit my specific style and crafting needs, this is probably the best Aliexpress stationery store I’ve found . . . and, admittedly, the most expensive. Although expensive is still unbelievably cheap, so who’s complaining? The range of items is crazy and the quality is even better.

This is where you can get your super cute paper backgrounds, quote inserts and really unique cardboard cut-outs to stick in. You’ve seen these used in loads of my recent spreads . . . mainly because I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I have no shame. Here’s an example:

2. THE BEST STORE FOR WASHI TAPE – Gimue Stationery Store

Everyone loves washi tape, right? It’s versatile, easy to use and . . . so beyond pretty! Our next choice is one of the best stationery stores on Aliexpress for cute and affordable washi tapes. You can grab great designs at a wonderful price – and the shipping (in my experience) has always been nice and quick.

If you love Aliexpress stationery, make you check out my washi tape collection post for more!


I love practical, lifestyle-themed stickers for use in my bullet journals. They’re great for padding out any planning tools you might use – and this is one of the best Aliexpress stationery stores for them. (I especially love the room themed sticker set!)



One of my favourite things about Aliexpress is the sheer range you can find on there! There’s an ever growing number of trends, but Ali is at the forefront of each and every one. This is the best Aliexpress stationery store for aesthetic stationery. Instagram worthy notepads and stickers. The kind of cuteness you’ll want to film a desk set-up for.


Stamps have taken the world by storm in the past few years and for good reason. They’re an easy and quick way to make anything 100 x cuter. Just look at the sheer range of cute and versatile stamps you can choose from!

See how I use stamps in my most recent bullet journalling Youtube video:



Ugh, is there anything better than a kawaii pen to doodle with? No. The answer is a strong no. I love Aliexpress pens because they’re all adorable, but they’re also really high quality fineliners too!


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Hello, Pinterest worthy stationery! Our next shop is the best Aliexpress stationery store for trendy stationery in that minimal/bohemian style that’s so popular. I personally love the maroon sticker set – it would make a great bullet journal spread, right?

If you love stationery, make sure you have a read of my top 10 online stores for stationery. (It features a lot of small businesses too!)


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And our last pick isn’t my favourite store for anything specific, but is just a fabulous all rounder. You can find the cutest stickers, pens, washi tapes and more in one convenient place!

What Is Aliexpress & Is Trustworthy?

Aliexpress is an online marketplace where most merchants are based in China. You can buy things for a fraction of the price that you would buy them for in your home country! Pretty much all the stationery featured in my bullet journal is courtesy of Aliexpress – you can watch my bullet journal flickthrough to see it in action!

The reason Aliexpress is so cheap is because you’re buying directly from the factory in China, so there are no markups added. Due to this, your packages will take longer though as they’re sent through Free Post from China. I’ve had things arrive as quickly as in a week . . . but sometimes it can take up to 3.


Okay, kids – to avoid keeping you stuck down the rabbit hole that is my blog for any longer than you already have been, let’s wrap this post up here! I hope you enjoyed this ‘lil stationery haul/life-hack-sharing post. Have you ever shopped on Aliexpress for stationery? Would you? Which of my picks would you say is the best stationery store on Aliexpress? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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64 thoughts on “8 BEST Aliexpress Stationery Stores For Cute Finds!”

  1. Coyote from Orion

    Good paper and good pens = back off and leave me to my own devices.
    Forgery had its Bob Dylan moment too, so to speak, of going from acoustic to electric. A place for both…. so eternally gorgeous.

    1. Nooo!!! I can’t afford to spend any more money on stationery 🙁 I LOVE buying things for my bullet journal but since it’s quite expensive in stores I end up with just a few “essential” (essential is of relative importance) things :/ I bought a planner on Aliexpress and a few stickers 2 or 3 years ago and I live them! Now, my stationery needs are increasing and thanks to you (or because of you 😂) I’m desperately needing to buy things on Aliexpress 😆

      1. I am a HUGE fan of those first floral stickers and the renaissance stickers at the end, I need to invest in some fun stickers, even to stick on my bloody forehead cos clearly I’m missing out on a market! xx

      2. I have never heard of this store before now but I can see exactly why you love it – it is your aesthetic in a store! I love how you ramble in your posts, it feels more like a conversation like a blog post. xx

      3. I’ve only ever heard of Aliexpress from you before, I didn’t know there was free shipping. Oh gosh, I def have to check that site out but am a bit worried about my wallet hahaha. Love those floral letter stickers; how freakin’ adorable!

      4. I wish i was talented enough to make cute things out of bullet journals, but I’m obsessed with seeing photos of stickers and the journals. This was a great, helpful post!

      5. I never really thought about adding stationery to my nature journal. I always want it to look pretty so I fill it with mediocre drawings, haha. I love this idea and all the choices you’ve shown. There’s hope for me yet.

      6. OMG this is awesome, I’m glad you are recommending something that I can actually buy! Yesssss! So gonna check it out and hopefully improve my journaling game! HAHA

      7. WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT POSTING BEAUTIFUL STATIONERY at least there was no washi tape this time or the inner hoarder in me would have been screaming, *scrolls further down the post* oh, there it is and there’s me off to buy more things I don’t need…you get me girl, we’re on the same level when it comes to admiring stationery hahaha xx

      8. I only buy stuff on Etsy but I have to buy now stuff on Aliexpress. Omgggg this post is so awesome 😍😍👌 Great shops! I love stationery stuff so much especially notebooks, stickers and washi tape. Thank you for sharing girl xoxo

      9. I have ordered several different items from this company for my business. Everything has been really great: good communication, fast responses, good understanding of my wishes, and the products were all shipped safely and well packaged. We are very pleased with each item we received. Many thanks 4imprint!

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      11. I mainly shop at Dollarama and The Best Shop (Asian mech) for cute stationary that won’t break the bank. I’m grateful that these stores exists in Canada 🇨🇦

        That being said, I have been tempted to buy things from Aliexpress but can’t bring myself to buy anything from this site. Maybe it’s the trust issues I have with shopping online or the fear that I will blow all my money; the Diderot effect seems to be a thing whenever I shop online, so I abstain from it now (goodbye, Amazon). I have a weakness for cute stationary too 🌺

        1. Ooo you’re so lucky! I would love to have a store I could visit and stare at beautiful stationery in 😀 Ahaha you’re a smart woman, I wish I was more restrained with my online purchases!

        1. What a cool shop! I Use to be obsessed with stationary. (I had way to much of Lisa Frank and Hello Kitty) I also use to lvl to stamp and just stumbled upon my stamping collection when I was cleaning out! Ahh memory lane! <3

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