Ultimate DIY Date Night Jar: It’s A Vending Machine (& 100 Date Ideas)

by Mia M.

Want to try your hand at the DIY date night jar trend, but want a trendier version? Or maybe something a bit more gift worthy? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make a DIY date night vending machine . . . and 100 awesome date ideas. Affiliate links in post.

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! Today, I’m going to be sharing a fun (and useful!) DIY with you all . . . so get excited!

It’s coming up to that time of year again: my boyfriend’s birthday! Every year, I love to make Daryl some handmade gifts. He has enough money to buy himself whatever he wants and needs – but you can’t buy time and effort!

Plus, you know, capitalism. Your girl runs a DIY blog – it helps to have content. My most viewed Youtube video is of my DIY gifts him. Oh, is it that a plug? Why, yes, you should watch it and subscribe.

And today’s creation is keeping in that same vein! I’m slowly starting to make some of my partner’s birthday presents . . . so allow me to share this with you!


If you’re a Pinterest user, you’ve undoubtedly seen DIY date night jar posts floating around. And for good reason! Coming up with fun date ideas is hard.

Picture this: it’s Friday night, after a long week of work. You and your partner are super excited to spend some together, but – wait! What should you do?

Ugh, how about dinner?

Yeah sure, where?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

Well, we went for dinner last weekend. Let’s do something different!”

“Sounds great! What should we do?”

“Uh … I have no idea.”

Does this sound familiar? It does to me! Creating a DIY date night jar helps you to store all your fun date ideas in one handy place. Then, when date night rolls around, you just whip one out and do it!

The only issue? While theoretically cute, date night jars are not actually cute. And I feel like my boyfriend would think I don’t love him if I gave him an old jar and some paper as a birthday gift.

So today we’re creating something different!


And that’s it! If you don’t want to buy a vending machine, this Youtube video shows you how to make a pretty funky one.


  1. Cut some paper strips out
  2. Write a date night idea on each (check out my 100 date night ideas down below for inspiration!)
  3. Roll the paper strips up and insert them into the vending machine
  4. Alternatively, you can print out my 100 date night ideas labels, cut them up and use those!

And that’s it! This is such an easy and stylish DIY gift idea.


Remember – you can download the PDF version of this list. It’s pre-formatted into little labels!

  1. Go to a top 10 restaurant in your city
  2. Watch something in an outdoor cinema
  3. Create a DIY outdoor cinema
  4. Or create a DIY indoor cinema fort!
  5. Go to a cocktail making glass
  6. Or have a DIY cocktail night – here are 6 of my favourite easy cocktail recipes
  7. Go to a museum (and see if your local museums hosts any special events. For example NGV here in Melbourne does NGV Friday nights with DJs and drinks! It’s fab.)
  8. Visit a wine and cheese bar
  9. Go get a massage
  10. Visit a bath house (if you’re a fellow Melbourne dweller, 110% recommend Sense of Self. So relaxing. And they have a sauna!)
  11. Go to a quirky cocktail bar – tip: search hidden bars in your local area! You can usually find fun and weird options.
  12. Go to a burlesque show.
  13. Watch a comedy gig.
  14. Find a jazz bar and listen to live music
  15. Go to an ironic bad movie screening (they do tons of these for cult films like The Room!)
  17. Go to a dance class
  18. Book a cooking class
  19. DIY a pizza making night at home
  20. Visit the zoo! (Some zoos have after dark programs too.)
  21. Have a board game date night
  22. Visit a whisky bar
  23. Go ice-skating/roller-skating depending on the weather
  24. Hire a boat! (This is so much fun on the Yarra in summer!)
  25. Create a DIY project together
  26. Tick something off your bucket lists!
  27. Or, if you don’t already have one, make a bucket list!
  28. Go to a night market (or day market)
  29. Try a boozy bottomless brunch
  30. Go skiing
  31. Play mini golf
  32. Tackle an escape room together
  33. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  34. Go rock-climbing
  35. Watch something at the theatre (I recommend Hamilton!)
  36. Sing some karaoke!
  37. Visit the planetarium
  38. Go for a picnic (if you’re local area has a botanic garden, these are always a dreamy date spot)
  39. In summer, go berry picking!
  40. Or flower picking (sunflower and lavender fields are so fun!)
  41. Watch a movie at a drive-in cinema
  42. Bounce at an adult trampoline playground
  43. Create a bonfire and make smores!
  44. Go camping
  45. Go hiking
  46. Splash around at a waterpark
  47. Visit a vineyard and do a wine tour! (We did this earlier this year and it was so fun.)
  48. Go for a walk along the beach
  49. Play games at an arcade bar
  50. Go book shopping and have a reading date!
  51. Watch some live sports
  52. Create vision boards and do some goal setting
  53. Go skydiving!
  54. Go glamping
  55. Book a yoga class
  56. (If it’s warm) Have a water fight or get out the Nerf Guns!
  57. Complete an adult Lego set together
  58. Spend an evening doing a puzzle together
  59. Rent an RV and go on a roadtrip
  60. Go shopping together and pick each other out an outfit!
  61. Taste beers at a craft brewery
  62. Watch the sunset somewhere!
  63. Go for a scenic bike ride
  64. Download and play a semi short video game – ideally 2-4 hours as you can really make a night of it (Limbo, Inside, Journey and Firewatch are great for this!)
  65. Learn a new skill together
  66. Go on a double date with your friends
  67. Buy an alcohol making kit and make some drinks!
  68. Take a “drinks and painting” class
  69. Cook a three course meal together
  70. Listen through to an album together
  71. Go clubbing/dancing
  72. Work out together! There are tons of free Youtube videos you can watch from the comfort of your home, or you can go to a class
  73. Walk round an affluent area of your city! (And moon over the gorgeous houses.)
  74. Go to IKEA – it’s basically an adult playground, let’s be honest
  75. Create a playlist for each other then listen to them together
  76. Test out a new recipe
  77. Go star-watching
  78. Make DIY ice cream sundaes
  79. Or go to a late-night dessert bar (my partner and I went to pancake parlour at 3am on one of our early dates and I still look back on that memory fondly!)
  80. Have a card game night (or find a bar with games!)
  81. Play some pool
  82. Play tennis!
  83. Go swimming
  84. Watch the sunrise together
  85. Go for a multiple day hike
  86. Host a DIY spa night! (Here’s one of my favourite DIY face mask recipes if you need inspiration.)
  87. Go people watching!
  88. Try a fancy set menu (if you’re in Melbourne, Palermo has a delicious one for special occasions. Bar Edda in Brunswick has a super affordable and delicious set menu, with an optional paired wine tasting. Highly recommend both!)
  89. Create a massive charcuterie board and nosh!
  90. Have a movie-binge day
  91. Do a pottery class!
  92. Do a bar hop of the top 5 bars in your city
  93. Book a fancy hotel for a night and take a mini break
  94. Trawl a vintage marketplace, or big car boot sale
  95. Go paintballing!
  96. Spend a sunny day gardening together
  97. Bowling!
  98. Find any local festivals that are on and attend one
  99. Explore a nearby local town
  100. Hop on a train somewhere new with no plan!

Whew – that was a long one, but I think there are some stellar ideas in there!

We’re back in lockdown, so my partner and I may have had to hold off on using this. But still! You guys can get on out there and live for me.

I hope you all enjoyed this handy DIY gift idea. It’s so inexpensive to make – but so practical! Would you guys try this out yourself? What were your favourite date ideas? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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