My 4 Essentials For Healthy Work From Home!

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! Today, we’re going to be talking about how to mitigate the damage of 2020 and keep healthy while we’re working from home. (Although I have no tips for staying sane. You’ll have to find someone else for that.)

Over here in Melbourne, we’ve been in lockdown for around 6 months now – and we recently moved into our strictest one yet. It’s intense. And boring.

But it’s also pretty unhealthy. All the walking that would naturally occur in everyday life has gone. My screentime is massively up. And there was a good week or two that UberEats replaced our grocery shopping.

In an effort to not succumb to my sloth lifestyle, there are some healthy habits I’ve adopted while working from home. And today I’m going to share them with you!

1. Blue Light Glasses

I first posted about blue light glasses back in 2018 . (In fact, if you also work from home I highly recommend my post on 4 ways to protect your eyesight when using screens.)

The short version? Screens emit blue light, which disrupts our sleep patterns and causes eye strain. Blue light glasses filter this particular type of light out so you can use screens comfortably. A lot of people and articles seem to share a lot of hype about blue light causing long term damage to eye health, but no studies I’ve found back that up.

For me personally, I disregard all the massive health claims of blue light glasses – but wholeheartedly stand behind the comfort ones.


If you suffer from dry eyes, fuzzy vision or headaches, I cannot recommend blue light glasses enough. Especially since starting to wear them again, I notice the discomfort screens give my eyes way more. (Also, you can get them is a big variety of cute designs, so if you’ve ever wanted to try geek chic now’s the time!)

Of course, I got some . . . cheerful . . . love heart shaped blue light glasses. I enjoy looking ridiculous, sue me.

2. Walking Treadmill

If you’re still able to get out and exercise, this may not be essential – but it sure helps! (Especially if the idea of wearing masks to exercise outside doesn’t appeal to you. I used to love going for long walks, but it’s pretty suffocating with a mask. Especially now that it’s warming up here in Aus!)

My alternative? Walking on a treadmill throughout the day! I suppose this is largely due to my job (call centre worker) – I can walk for 5-10 minutes between calls, then pause the treadmill once one drops in.

The treadmill I use is a flat walking one. These don’t have arm support or an incline, but I chose this because it’s really quiet and I didn’t want to piss off our neighbours. (Also, let’s be real, I’m never going to actually run on it.)

Obviously, you don’t have to go out and invest in a treadmill – but whatever way you can get some exercise into your routine is good enough for me!

3. Reusable water bottle/flask for hydration



My next work from home healthy essential is a reusable water bottle/flask. Maybe you guys are better humans than I (admittedly not hard), but I always forget to stay hydrated when I’m at home. There are many a day that my boyfriend and I will be sitting on the sofa with matching migraines and realise “oh, was the last time we drank water that cup we shared this morning?”.

Having a reuseable flask on my desk is massively helpful because I just fill it to the brim first thing in the morning and mindlessly drink it throughout the day.

Papaya Art Water Bottle

BONUS TIP: If you’re moving into your winter, the way I convinced myself to stay hydrated during the cold months was to fill up my flask with green tea and honey! It’s yummy, healthy and it means you’ll actually want to drink because it’ll keep you warm. Also super helpful for combating bored snacking. Thank me later.

4. Magazines to use as a standing desk stand

I know – magazines have been having a bit of a minute on my blog! I’ve used them in a couple of DIYs recently, but they also serve another purpose in my household as a standing desk converter!

There’s a lot of discussion around the health benefits and risks of standing desks. I definitely don’t think that standing all day at work is going to help you lose weight or anything – but it’s been lifechanging for my posture and back pain. (Admittedly, mostly because one is caused by the other.)


Plus, standing up really opens my body language up and encourages me to move more throughout the day. I love to write my blog posts standing up, with music blaring and having a little dance!

I do also have a bar stool that I’ll take a seat on if my legs are feeling a bit tired. It’s just a nice bit of variation to stand and move throughout the day, considering all we can do in the evenings is sit and watch TV!

Also – completely irrelevantly – here’s my latest Youtube video! I’d love it if you gave it a watch and let me know your thoughts down below.

Alright lovelies, that’s my 4 healthy work from home essentials wrapped! Are any of you guys working from home? What are your essentials? Also – can we please appreciate how gorgeous that Papaya! Art water bottle is? I love it! Let me know your thoughts down below,


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27 thoughts on “My 4 Essentials For Healthy Work From Home!”

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with the blue-light glasses and the treadmill! As someone with terrible eyes, I know just how important the right glasses are, and since we spend almost all of our day staring at screens now (what with online classes and blogging and internship tings) it is really important to invest in a good pair of glasses! And I absolutely love yours, hahaha!

      And thank you, this post reminded me to hydrate, oof, I keep forgetting!

    2. Girl those glasses are so cute and you look gorgeous – I totally agree with the water bottle tip, it makes it so much easier to consume your h20 when you have a bottle you can just carry around with you and effortlessly drink from. Love love love.
      I’m definitely going to check out your YT video too, it looks so good.
      Lots of love xxx

    3. Great ideas Mia! I also have blue-light blocking glasses and I can definitely feel the difference when I don’t wear them! Also, now that the winter is coming here in Europe, I am only refilling my reusable bottle with hot water and a huge variety of teas and infusions… basically I’m drinking the whole day! Thanks a lot for these tips 😍

    4. These are such great tips! I LOE blue light glasses! And yours are adorable! I always joke that I couldn’t wait to switch to contacts, and now here I am rocking glasses again. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips beauty! <3

    5. Drinking water is sooo important! And I tend to forget it when working from home. In an office going to get water is a way to get away from your laptop but at home it just doesn’t work the same way… Especially because I’m working in the kitchen 😀 I’ve also seen loads of people going for the glasses recently. They must be good! I force myself to put the laptop away latest at 7pm so hopefully that’ll be enough for me to maintain good sleep. xx

      Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

      1. Ahaha that’s it exactly! Working in the office naturally means moving around more and keeping hydrated . . . I feel like there are no visual cues when it comes to working from home. Everything feels so samesy that I forget to do anything! xx

    6. Hey Mia, thanks for these tips! I was on the phone with my friend in Melbourne the other day, and she was saying that Melbourne is under one of the longest lockdown in the world. I hadn’t realize that at the time! I can imagine that a prolonged lockdown must be tough all around. I am glad that you found ways to alleviate some of the stress from being cooped up all day. Stay healthy and stay safe, Mia!

    7. I used to drink so many fluids throughout the day when I worked a desk job as I always had a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate in front of me in the winter and a cup of water/juice in front of me in the summer just because I would absent-mindedly sip whilst working but since working on my feet all day, I am so bad at drinking anything. Really need to up that especially now that everyone has to wear a mask at work!
      Also a standing desk sounds like such a good idea! xx

    8. Needed this!! The water bottle one hit my soul, I bought myself a litre water bottle at the start of lockdown and it’s permanently attached to me wherever I move around the house. I can genuinely go days without having any water which is so unhealthy and dangerous, but I’ve just found that unless I have a water bottle full of water, I just never think of it!! I should probably look into blue light glasses too…screen time is at it’s max! xx

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