10 DIY Gifts For Him: DIY’ing My Boyfriend’s Birthday!

** Here are 10 creative, stylish DIY gifts for men that they’ll actually want. Thank me later. **

Hello, gorgeous humans and welcome to the post I honestly think should earn me a girlfriend of the year award. Long story short? My boyfriend’s birthday was last week and your girl outdid herself.

Now, you guys all know I’m a lover of DIYs – and, when done right, I think they can make absolutely fabulous gifts. That being said, it is all too easy for handmade to actually mean tacky, cringe-worthy or just plain bad. Especially when it comes to gifts – and especially when it comes to men.

Enter me.

All of these DIY gifts absolutely don’t suck. In fact, a lot of them could be storebought for far more money. (Custom neon signs, I’m looking at you here!) My partner has a bone-deep hatred of needless clutter – so I also tried to make these gifts practical things he would actually use.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re looking for a list of handmade gift ideas for him that he’ll actually like, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get to the tutorial!

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1. DIY Neon Sign

Neon signs are super trendy – but custom ones are also super expensive. This hack I discovered on Pinterest is incredibly easy and cheap . . . but the final product looks like it could be purchased off the Urban Outfitters website!


I’m definitely going to be writing a post purely dedicated to neon signs because your girl wants one for her own room, but for now you can catch the tutorial for this in my Youtube video!


(“Love Stories Often Happen In Cities” is the name of Daryl’s newest EP, which is why I chose that phrase. Check that out here, if you enjoy lo-fi house music.)

2. Monochrome Marble Wall Art

The attitude for 2020 is crumble capitalist giants by recreating things they charge a month’s wages for at a fraction of the price. None more so than this incredibly chic piece of wall art!


The tutorial for this is, naturally, in the video but you can also view a written up version in my post here. I used the technique on pots in that specific post, but it’s the exact same on a canvas.

My favourite thing about this craft is that you literally cannot go wrong. While this is technically a painting, you aren’t doing any of the painting. You need absolutely zero artistic ability. All you need is a cup, some acrylic pour paints and a covered surface.

(Pin this image for me, lovelies!)

3. Obsidian air planter

I actually somewhat wasted this idea a month or two ago by making my boyfriend some mannequin planters. When the dog chewed one, though, I figured I’d take the opportunity to create him something new. And this uber-masculine crystal planter sprang to mind!


Obsidian is said to draw out mental stress and tension, so I thought it was the perfect stone for his workspace.

That said, I actually really like the mannequin planters as a DIY gift, so I’m chucking a plug to that post here.

4. Custom Vinyl

This is actually the present I’m most excited for out of the lot – his EP pressed onto a vinyl for him!

I’ve had this idea for ages, but the only custom vinyl presser I could find online charged the equivalent of AUD$200. Your girl only works 20 hours a week and has tuition fees to pay . . . so that was a hard pass.

Tax time was good to me this year, though, and I managed to find an Australian presser who only charged around $100. I had to get the stickers and vinyl sleeve organised separately, but this was Daryl’s main gift and I absolutely love how it turned out.

BTW – if you want $10 for buying any of these craft supplies online and to earn some cashback, sign up to Rakuten Cashback here

6. Monochrome Plant Pot (& Plant)

Both Razzle Dazzle and I are obsessed with plants and our apartment is literally covered in them. So naturally I had to get him another one!

I’ve got a detailed tutorial on using acrylic pour paints to decorate plant pots up on my site already – so you can watch the Youtube video for the tutorial, or head over to this post to read it. Up to you!


This was a cheap and easy stocking filler gift that I made using the leftovers of the marble canvas I made him. In case you couldn’t tell, we’ve got a bit of a theme going on here.

7. Custom Embroidered Hoodie

This is another one of Daryl’s main gifts and I love how it turned out!

One day while we were walking the dog, we somehow ended up chatting about running our dream plant/coffee/record/vintage clothing store. (Send help, the hipsters have got to me. Repeat, I have been compromised.) Off-hand, he mentioned an idea he’d always had:

His dream clothing brand would be called cool summer. The cool would be blue and the summer yellow. (I know, I know – he really didn’t give me much to go on here. Fonts? Logos? Ugh, men.)

Now, I’ve naturally been planning his birthday since I got done buying his Christmas gifts. So when he mentioned this, I subtly brought out my notes app and noted the idea down. I had to take some creative liberties with the font, etc. but he loved how it turned out!

8. Marble Key Tray

Again, this is a craft I’ve done on this blog before! The tutorial for this is in the Youtube video, but the written version is here. This is probably my least favourite of the gifts I made, but it turned out okay.


9. DIY Puzzle!

Since COVID-19 hit, Daryl and I have been on the quest for off-screen hobbies. You guys can obviously tell that we like gardening by now, but Daryl also fell in love with puzzling! So I bought a DIY puzzle set, got out a Sharpie and created a custom design!

Please excuse whatever my drawing was . . . initially I thought this was a 100 piece puzzle and that it would arrive before D’s birthday. The whole idea was to draw a map of the apartment (and Daryl’s hidden presents!) and make him complete the puzzle to hunt his gifts. But it arrived after his birthday, so . . . we have this instead.


I’d had different things planned for his birthday, to tell you the truth. Maybe a fancy restaurant and some bar-hopping. The world, however, didn’t agree. Melbourne is smack-bam in second wave ‘Rona territory – so this was a stay inside party! (All things considered, I think it was a pretty successful one though!)

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What did you guys think of these gifts? Would you recreate any yourselves? Which was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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  2. Yes indeed! You certainly deserve girlfriend of the year award Mia. These gifts all look so classy yet have a relaxed minimalist vibe. Love the little plant with the gemstone as well as the one with the mannequin. You’re so thoughtful x

    1. Thank you so much, Maryam! I really wanted to make sure I was creating gifts that would easy for others to recreate, but would also actually make good gifts haha. Hope you have a fab weekend x

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