DIY: How To Make Resin Crystals With Dried Flowers

If you guys have ever wondered about why you follow my blog, prepare to have all your doubts quenched. This post is the one. This is the content you signed up for.

Hello, internet friends – if you somehow missed both the title and that massive, Pinterest worthy image, today we’re going to be learning how to make our own crystals. And once you’ve finished reading, you’ll hopefully go and get your eyes checked. (And Pin that image. I’ll win you over eventually.)

Anyways . . . let’s get this show on the road. You guys know I don’t fuck with things that take real skill, so this DIY is way easier than it looks.

You Will Need:

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Dried flowers.

Personally, your girl is almost embarassingly lazy and instead of picking flowers and drying them, I order them off Etsy. Hey, I’m supporting small businesses. Plus, I live in London – where are you expecting me to pick dainty, craftable flowers from? The internet, that’s where.

Blue Dried Flower Bouquet – Etsy – £5.50


Resin is the thing the crystals are made out of – and, conveniently, it’s super easy to make. This is the exact brand I use and it works a treat . . . plus it’s available from Amazon, which is pretty convenient.

Gedeo 300 ml Crystal Resin, Transparent
Amazon UK – Resin Kit – £15.72
Amazon US – Resin Kit – $23.95

Crystal moulds.

These were an absolute pain in the ass to find; I only found two sellers, they’re both abroad and from Etsy. I’m actually on the hunt for larger crystals, but I’ve had no luck on that front so far. This is the seller I used and their moulds were perfect!

Crystal Mould – Etsy – £7.25 (worldwide delivery)

And that, my dear friends, is it!

What You Need To Do:

Instead of writing a long method for something that really took no time at all, I made a video. It’s 1 minute 14 seconds – have a watch!


  • Cut down one side of your moulds so you can just pop the crystal right out. If you do this, make sure you tape the cut closed while leaving the crystals to set.
  • When you first pour the resin, wait a minute and come back to top it up. It takes a while to move down the mould and set, so you could think you’ve filled it up . . . and end up with it halfway full.
  • Leave a few hours longer than the recommended setting time. The resin is still slightly malleable once it’s set so you can deform it.
  • Water + resin = liquid. Make sure you don’t get it wet while it’s setting or just set.

Finished Products

I’m really excited to experiment more with these; there’s so much resin left over (and I’ve already made like 4 rounds of these and similar things. I have some awesome bookmarks to show you) and the moulds are reuseable. One thing I did try was adding glitter to a batch and that looked awesome. There’s a lot of potential for this craft . . . we shall see what I try next.

(To create a sacrificial altar, that’s what I’m going to try next. Fight me on it.)

If you like these types of DIYs, make sure you check out my Esty store for other cute creations!

And with that, we conclude this post! What did you guys think of this DIY? Do you like crystals – would you try create this yourself? Did you like the video? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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82 thoughts on “DIY: How To Make Resin Crystals With Dried Flowers

  1. UM YES PLEASE. oh my goodness they looked so beautiful and like…even I might be able to do it?? Also very keen for these bookmarks and am waiting patiently for sacrificial altar pics!! Such a fan of this xx

  2. Looks awesome. Good timing coming off the new moon… if you made any at the start of the week.

      1. Watching Dr Strange. It’s the dude who plays Sherlock Holmes. Pretty damn good. Might have to see Infinity Wars next.
        Pink moon is on its way. Sunday for you. ♏full moon.

  3. I actually favourited your vid of this when you put it on Youtube cause this ACTUALLY looks like something I might be able to do, plus I’m in LOVE with them. They’re so gorgeous!! xxx

  4. Okay, this is actually so interesting! I never even thought you could make your own crystal 😮 *mindblown*. I love it though! I’m a big fan of crystals, but don’t really have more place to keep them lol

  5. yessss was waiting for a DIY on this! actually a pretty good idea to buy the dried flowers. I totally want to try this on my own, but I’m not sure I’m crafty enough. these came out absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  6. The video looks simple but I wouldn’t try to make these as I’m terrible at DIY – a fact I accepted back in high school when I sewed a corner to another corner by mistake. However, these look SO cute and pretty! I love crystals and they are gorgeous to display! xx

  7. Omg you actually made your own crystals – loved this so much! I’d chain this to a necklace and girl that rosy one is so Pinterest-worthy! The video was so easy to understand. Loved collabing with you! 💕💕

  8. So pretty! I just saw people talking about resin for making cosplay stuff but didn’t know you could just buy it!

  9. Omg that looks so beautiful 😍 I love flowers and crystals so it’s definitely the best combination ever 👌 Beautiful post! ❤ This DIY is perfect!

  10. I love how these are so easy-its definitely going to be a DIY a little harder for me to screw up (Im just impatient, and don’t like to sit for extended periods of time, so crafting is a struggle)! Thanks for the awesome post!

  11. I LOVE this DIY so much!! I love working with resin and use it in a lot of art and jewelry I make, but I’ve honestly never thought of using crystal moulds. Love love love this idea, will definitely be trying it out sometime! 🤗😁

  12. Hi there!
    I found you through Karalee at Tales Of Belle – and I decided to pop over to your blog. I’m glad I did!
    I never een thought of making anything out of resin, but you really got me curious!

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