12 Stylish DIY Cat Litter Box Enclosures & Hidden Litter Box Ideas!

Looking for a stylish solution to hide an unsightly litter box? You have got to check out these 12 DIY cat litter box enclosures! This post also shares some non-DIY ideas for hiding your cat litter too. Affiliate links included

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I hope you guys are as excited by that post title as I am. (It’s hard though . . . I’m really bloody excited.)

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If any of you folks are fellow cat owners, you’ll be familiar with the struggle of litter boxes. They’re ugly, they smell and . . . well, for such dignified (read: snobby) creatures, cats sure can be messy. However, if you’ve got an indoor cat, litter boxes are a necessary evil.

Until today! Allow me to share 12 super stylish DIY solutions for hiding your cat’s litter box . . . and adding something special to your home decor.

1. IKEA Hacked Cabinet Litter Box Enclosure

Our first hidden litter box craft is an absolute winner. How modern and chic is this locker upgrade? It’s a cute addition to any space . . . but it also completely hides the litter box.

(Plus, we all know what a die-hard fan of IKEA hacks I am!)

How these DIY litter boxes work is that your cat has a little door or hole hidden away on the side of the cabinet that they can sneak in through . . . but all the messy business is contained within!

2. Elegant Wooden Ikea Hack Litterbox

If you’re a fellow bohemian home décor lover, this box makes the perfect IKEA litter box hack. As evidenced above, it’s a perfect perch for houseplants too!

Cat litter boxes are not the best looking items for inside, so why not pop this stunning woven box over yours?

Do you love houseplants? It’s 2021 – of course you do. Make sure you check out my list of 20 genius and practical IKEA hacks.

3. DIY A Kitty House To Hide The Litter

This requires a little more in the way of handyman skills . . . but just look at the finished project! This quirky and adorable hidden litter box is worth the extra time. If you’re going to pick a project, I think this is such a cute one!


4. Upcycled Old Cabinet To Hidden Litter Box!

I’m all about a good thrift flip! Good for the planet, good for your budget – what’s not to love? This upcycled cabinet make a very cutesy, very cottagecore home litter box.

Bonus points because you can create this totally free! Thrift a cabinet off Facebook marketplace, or one you already have, for some serious savings.

Oh – and if you’re a fellow lover of cottagecore home décor, make sure you check out my video below! You’ll love it.

5. Thrift Flipped Cabinet Litter Enclosure

And we have another gorgeous thrift flip! I love the dark blue finish on this cabinet; it gives it a more modern vibe. Personally, I would love to pick up an old cabinet from Facebook Marketplace, give it a black finish and get some faux-vintage gold handles.

That’s what I love about these curation posts – they just give me so many ideas!

(If you love upcycling old furniture, make sure you have a read of my top 9 thrift flip ideas.)

6. Modern Plywood Kitty Litter Box

This simple plywood litter box is equal parts stunning and minimal. It’s perfect for that neutral, modern home décor style I always see floating around Pinterest. Plus, I love how it’s been used as a little side table too. Super cute!

7. The Kitty Den!

Okay, if I owned my own home (and had a spare cupboard!) I would totally DIY this little hidey-hole. Not only is it a really quirky addition – it keeps the litter box completely hidden.


8. Chic Double Decker DIY Hidden Litter Box With Storage

Here’s my dirty secret: I love farmhouse décor. Not that there’s anything wrong with farmhouse style – but, as someone who lives inner city in Australia, it’s probably not quite targeted at me.

That said, I love this double decker litter box enclosure! It’s perfectly practical too; one level is for the cat litter box and another is for supplies. What a lovely way to keep your home neat.

9. Easy & Cheap DIY Enclosed Litter Box

For those of you that like a cleaner finish, I think you’ll love this option! It’s perfect for apartment living, especially.

10. An Amazing Cat Tree With Built In Litter Box!

Holy hell, I am so in love. Now, this cat tree/litter/all round amazing project is clearly a winner. If it were easier to recreate, I’d shoot it to number one on this list immediately!

However, this is very much a tricky project that requires a decent bit of woodworking knowledge. So (if you’re a bit useless, like me) it might be quite challenging. But if there’s anything that would motivate your girl to learn . . . I think we have found it!

11. Farmhouse Style Cabinet Hidden Litter Enclosure

How quaint is this hidden litter box? I love how it blends into the furniture in the rest of the room perfectly. If it wasn’t pointed out, I’d never guess it were cat litter at all!

12. Practical Cat Litter Bench Enclosure

And our last option is perfect for utilising small spaces. It doubles up as a bench and a spacious litter cover. The real draw? The project looks fabulously easy, even for a total newbie like me.

Pop a velvet floor cushion on the top of there and I think this would look fabulous.

Alright, my friends, we have come to the end of this list! I’m obsessed with all of these stylish options . . . and, more than that, inspired.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m currently in research mode. As I mentioned in my office tour, I’m planning on moving my office into our sunroom. However one of our cat’s litter boxes is in there – and naturally, that thing needs disguising!

I’m thinking of creating a tile side table kinda deal. But we shall see. For now, I would love to get your opinions! Have you ever tried a DIY hidden litter box? Would you? Which of these was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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39 thoughts on “12 Stylish DIY Cat Litter Box Enclosures & Hidden Litter Box Ideas!”

  1. This is so unique! I really like the cat tree one, one day when I own a home I will treat my kitty to a boujie cat tree. In the meantime made him a shelving unit one with the cat box on the bottom and the top shelf has carpet tiles and a bed for him to chill on.


  2. I love this! I like how it’s both functional and stylish. I don’t have a cat (I’m allergic, sadly but it doesn’t stop me from petting them when I see one haha) but I will definitely bring this up to friends who do! Thanks for sharing Mia!

  3. Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour

    Wow! This is honestly so creative. I don’t have a cat but I will consider getting one of these if I get a cat. Thank you for sharing. x

  4. It’s starting to get really freaky how much your posts are resonating with me at the moment! Every one you have put out is surrounding something I have been thinking about!! We have a little cat who keeps coming around our house and trying to get in. I’m going to take her to see if she is microchipped because we would love to adopt her! And I was thinking about having to get a littler box and all the items again after we got rid of those items when my fur baby passed away in June. I LOVE the idea of the cat tree with build in litter box.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much Jordanne! That makes me so so happy to hear – my heart broke reading about Teddy passing away a few months ago. It sounds like a new furry friend has found you 🙂

  5. I don’t have a cat so I’ve never had to think about this but these are great ideas for people who do have cats! 🙂

    Hope your week is going well!

  6. Wow so many great ideas.
    I have 2 cats so this article is definitely gonna be handy for me.
    In this house we are lucky to have a lot of bathrooms so there is one for the cats.
    But when we move out I’ll definitely keep in mind all theses ideas. There are amazing ! I just hope they’ll be ok with one of theses ideas because my cats don’t like litter with a cover on.

  7. Such cute ideas! We put ours downstairs in the unfinished part, but my cats get the litter everywhere that I don’t know if it’d stay cute for long! This would be great if you need to have the litterbox upstairs!


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