My Office Tour – Vintage Cottage Vibes

by Mia M.

Hello, my loves, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I’m so excited to share my first snippets of our home with you all. We moved here back in January and . . . okay look, it’s been love/hate.


When you’re renting, a lot of things (such as whether you have insulation, central heating and double glazed windows) are out of your control. This is a beautiful property and we’re 80% head over heels in love, but it definitely needs some tweaking. We’re getting there, though!

Today I wanted to share my current home office with you all! Melbourne is back in lockdown, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in this room. It’s not finished quite yet (your girl is on an expensive visa, so new additions are somewhat slow) but I’m happy with the progress!

I’m actually planning on moving my office into our sun room – and converting this room into a dining room. My partner and I are sick of television at this point; we want a big table for puzzling, a little vinyl player and some comfy chairs to sip red wine in.

However, I have been slowly decorating this room for the past six months. So I wanted to immortalise those efforts and share with you what I have created!

You may recognise a few of my recent (and not so recent!) DIYs popping up in various places around the room.

As it is my office, there’s naturally an abundance of plants anywhere I can fit ’em! My favourite part of the room has to be the fireplace. It’s such a cosy, homely feature – and having the plants tucked under it really highlights them.


Now, I won’t lie to you all – the gallery wall is not my favourite. It’s . . . cute. I love the concept of some of the pieces, like the DIY trellis and the propagation test tubes. But altogether it’s not quite my style.

I originally wanted to get some dark green wallpaper and create something more eclectic/ maximalist. However, as you guys may remember, I experimented with some cottagecore crafts and ended up displaying them.

While I love how these crafts turned out . . . combined they just aren’t quite me. Or maybe it just bugs me that the whole wall is so unfinished. I have a ton of photo frames I’ve thrifted ready to jump on that wall – I just need to find some cute art!

I’m still toying with the idea of a dark removeable wallpaper for this wall. Or maybe a statement mirror – we shall see!

Like I mentioned up top, I’m switching my office into a dining room. (And hopefully a cute one!) So I’ll definitely update you on this fireplace’s final form.


I, of course, realise that I’ve not yet mentioned the most functional part of my office: the desk. To be honest, my desk area is suffering from a major lack of love.

I work from home, so my desk just embodies all my hatred for my job. It’s tucked into the corner, taking up as little space as physically possible. That said, it is a beautiful piece of furniture I thrifted from Facebook Marketplace!

I actually featured this desk in my last home office tour, from before the move. Unfortunately, while stunning, it’s not the most ergonomic of set-ups.

When I move into the sun room, I have a plan for a gorgeous DIY desk. You guys are going to love it – trust me. If you want a sneak peek at that, make sure you have a watch of my video. (And subscribe to me on Youtube!)

The window next to my desk is full of pretty little bits and bobs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open – but I’ve used that to my advantage! There are plants propagating that I’ve managed to hide high enough that my sneaky cat won’t be able to reach them.

If you’ve got a keen eye, you may also have spotted my DIY herbariums too! They live on the windowsill, catching the light and generally just being beautiful.

The last part of my home office is, of course, my DIY plant cabinet!

As mentioned in my video, our area is having power surges that have wrecked some of our electronics. Unfortunately, the grow lights on the bottom shelf of my cabinet were one such casualty. So I’ve moved most of the plants into our sunroom . . . Leaving that whole cabinet area looking sad and unphotogenic.

Have some old photos of it instead!

Alright, my loves, we shall end at the end! I hope you guys enjoyed this post – what do you think of the office? What style is yours? And did you enjoy the video? Let me knwo your thoughts down below!


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