DIY Boho Habit Tracker For New Year! (IKEA To Urban Outfitters Flip!)

Hello, beautiful people and welcome to 2021! God, does anyone else feel like they’ve been waiting forever to be able to say that? 2020 is done, guys. We made it. I hope you all had fun celebrating the new year – whether that was partying, calling your family or enjoying wine and your favourite TV show.

Personally, I wanted to kickstart this year the way I plan to spend it: crafting.  So for our official first post of 2021, I’m sharing a DIY that is as practical as it is cute. An Urban Outfitters inspired, boho chic reusable habit tracker! Yeah, I know that was a mouthful. Let’s have a look at this bad boy in action.

The concept for this bad boy is pretty simple; it’s a monthly habit tracker for helping you crush your your goals in 2021. (Even if said goals are just putting “real world” clothes on everyday. No judgement here, friends.) The design is in that trendy boho-chic style we all love – and the habit tracker has space for weekly and daily goals.

Bonus points: the photoframe glass acts as a whiteboard, so you can just set your goals at the beginning of the month, tick off the days you achieve them . . . and reset next month.

This craft is the first of (another) IKEA flipping mini series! You can catch a sneak peek at the other crafts in my tutorial video, but I’ll also be posting the written version throughout the month too!

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The design is handpainted . . . and so easy to recreate that you need zero painting skills. Which is the only way I managed to pull it off because your girl is no Picasso.

BY THE WAY: If you like the faux-crystal table top in these pictures, that’s another IKEA hack! Learn how to make it here.


This craft is cheap as chips and only needs a few things.

  • IKEA LERBODA frame
  • Acrylic paints
  • A4 paper
  • Dry-erase whiteboard pens
  • (Optional) vintage letter stamps


As always, I would love if you watched this tutorial in Youtube format and subscribed to me over there too!

  1. Remove the design that comes with the frame.
  2. Using that design as reference, rip your A4 paper down to a suitable size. (You can use scissors for this, but I prefer the worn look torn edges have.)
  3. Keeping to warm tones, paint 4 round geometric shapes, making two significantly larger than the others. (This is so that the large shapes are for daily habits and the smaller ones are for weekly.)
  4. Use a smaller brush to add some detailing. Small and easy to recreate things like squiggly lines, dashes and semicircles all look super cute . . . and, again, are real easy to paint.
  5. Once that’s all dry, use the vintage letter stamps to write “habit” on top of each circle and draw a line underneath it. (Leave enough space between the two for you to write out a habit each month.)
  6. In your larger circles, draw 31 small circles. For your smaller circles, draw 5.
  7. Place your painting back in the LERBODA frame.

And that’s it!

I honestly think if there’s one thing my crafts should be known for it’s their ease. Mostly due to my own lack of any real art skill, I try to create things that are super beginner friendly. This habit tracker definitely fits that bill!

Like I said, this is the first part in an IKEA hack series that’s coming your way throughout January, so make sure you stay tuned!

Alright lovers, that’s it from me today! Did you guys enjoy this craft? Would you try making this habit tracker yourself?  Whagt new year resolutions would you track in yours? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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19 thoughts on “DIY Boho Habit Tracker For New Year! (IKEA To Urban Outfitters Flip!)”

  1. Happy New Year you stunning women! I hope it is an amazing year ahead! I absolutely adore this DIY! It is so pretty AND fun and maybe dare I say it, I think I could make this! Thanks for sharing love! <3

  2. As someone who is trying to be more sustainable in 2021, I love this idea as instead of using pages in a notebook that you will end up throwing away, all you need to do is wipe away your pen marks and you are ready to start recording again! And it is definitely cuter than some of the notebooks you can buy to track your habits! xx

    1. Side Note: It is really weird commenting your blog because it obviously records the date & time in your time-zone so it looks like I am commenting in the future for me!!!

  3. I feel like I really need this ‘cuz whenever I make a have a habit tracker in a notebook or even my phone, I forget they exist and never fill them in haha. I need something I can put in front me. I also really loved the neon lamp in the video! Cool idea!

  4. I’ve only heard of habit trackers recently, and I have not had a chance to use a habit tracker yet. I’m feeling inspired to give it a go after reading about your DIY project! I probably won’t go all out as you have though haha! Probably a simple post-it note?

  5. I am so guilty of spending lots of money on an aesthetically pleasing goal diary/tracker and never really get my moneys worth out of it so I absolutely love this handmade idea. However I think yours looks more chic and gorgeous than what mine would come out like hahaha!! You are the DIY queen!!! xxx

  6. I love this idea, it’s so cute yet super effective! I love how you can have it in sight and fill it in easily without compromising on your home decor or having to open a notebook! 😊

  7. I love this idea! I was trying not spend money on another tracker that I would end up not using, so this is such a great solution! I love Urban Outfitters, but sometimes they can’t get a bit overpriced! Thanks for sharing x

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