10 Self Care Planners To Change Your Life

A curated selection of 10 of the best self-care planners that will help you prioritize your mental wellbeing. Affiliate links in post.

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I hope you are all feeling fabulous today – but don’t fret if you’re not. I’ve got just the thing!

Your girl went back to work after an all-too-short week off and . . . someone throw me a face mask pronto. I need to detox all the customer service rage.

However (aside from the general aura of not having to deal with customers) one of the largest benefits of my week off in lockdown was having tons of self-care time.

I tidied the house, did facemasks, soaked up the sun in our garden, and even did some crafting! All the good ingredients for a self care day.

Post-holiday I wanted to find some way to bring more self care into my everyday life. And can you guys think of a better way than a planner? I think not. So today I’m going to share 10 of the best ones I found!

1. I Am F*cking Radiant – Self Care Book

Our first journal choice has it all – a bit of sass, gorgeous illustrations, and helpful guided prompts. If you’re someone that finds self-care a little surface level at times, this journal is perfect for cutting out the face masks and dipping straight into the deep questions.

(Plus, I’m a big fan of the bright and quirky artwork style!)

2. Self Care Day And Night Reflections Journal

I love our next self care planner because it’s got space for daily check-ins – but it doesn’t take an hour to complete. Could you easily set aside five minutes before bed or when you wake up? Perfect – that’s all you need!

Personally, I think this self-care planner is perfect for keeping out on your desk. Then you can slowly tick things off as you work!

3. Ultimate Self Care Life Planner

The image of our next journal honestly doesn’t do it justice. This is something you want to check the listing out for – because it isn’t just a self care planner, it’s a one-stop shop for everything.

Covering a variety of wellness topics such as fitness, meals and gratitude, (not to mention normal everyday life planning!) this journal is perfect for those ready to master their self care routine.

Do you love using a gratitude journal to keep on top of your mental health goals? Me too! Try DIY-ing a boho habit tracker so you can have a visual reminder to be grateful!

4. Super Cute Positivity Workbook

Self Care Journal  Anxiety Journal Mental Health Journal image 0

How cute is the illustration style of this workbook? I’m obsessed. If you sometimes need a helping hand to prioritize yourself, this is such a warm and happy reminder.

(Plus, it’s another Etsy pick so you’d be supporting a small business. We love to see it!)

Personally, I think the cosiness of this journal pairs very well with my 3 self care DIYs!

If you’re looking for some self care activities, I cannot recommend making these crafts highly enough. Not only is the process relaxing, but each project is designed to relax you as you use it. (My personal favourite is the mindful colouring book!)

5. Self Care Journal With 365 Prompts

Our next self care planner has got prompts for the next year of your life to keep you on track! I love how deep-diving and varied the journal prompts are too – it means you explore far more of your wellness than what’s on surface level.


6. Self Love Young Adults Journal

Option 6 is one I love because it’s targeted at young adults. Being a young adult is such a weird stage of life – you kind of expect yourself to function properly, but don’t quite know how.

I love that this self-care planner challenges that tricky part of life – and has prompts and practices that you can adopt to improve!

7. Self Love For Women Workbook

Another winning option – with a super funky cover!

If you’re going to utilise a planner, you’re probably going to need stickers. (Okay, need might be a strong word . . . but who doesn’t love stickers?) Check out my favourite Etsy store for cheap and adorable stickers here!

Don’t worry, though – for those of you who don’t want a separate read, here are some adorable self care sticker sets. These would be perfect for whatever planner you choose!

8. Daily Self Care To Do Journal

Self Care Daily Notepad Journaling Kit  Health Journal For image 4

This daily notepad journal is all my favourite things: practical, adorable and from a small business! If you realistically aren’t going to dedicate time daily or weekly to sit down and write, this could be the perfect option for you.

(Plus, it’s super cheap – which we love!)

In the same vein, here some fun weekly planners you can pop on your desk. This can be a fabulous option if you know you might not be motivated enough to open up a journal daily.

Desk planning pads are also super cute – which is always a bonus! My favourite has to be the daily agenda with a water intake tracker. That’s such a useful feature!

9. Digital Self Care Journal

A4 Self care journal Daily planner wellness self care image 0

Our penultimate option is actually a printable self care planner! So if you prefer to work digitally, definitely check it out. (Plus, there’s a definite price advantage for going digital – digital files are always a decent chunk cheaper!)

10. A Year Of Self Care: Daily Practices For Caring For Yourself

And our last option is perfect for those that are ready to seize their self-care journey by the horns and commit. It’s full of daily motivation to cover an entire year. Plus, the cover is so bright and colourful that my mood is lifted just looking at it!

If you don’t want to go out and purchase a whole separate planner, there are some fun other suggestions I have for you!

Alright, my loves, we shall end at the end. I hope you enjoyed this roundup of self care planners. Would you use any of these yourself? Which was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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