My Fashion Inspiration & Wishlist

All fashion lovers know . . . a wardrobe is by no means a stationery thing. It’s like the universe – ever-expanding. (I literally have no idea if the universe is ever-expanding. I’ve completely repressed all memories of Science classes like the traumatic experiences that they were.)

Fair bit of warning – I’ve been feeling very 90s-grunge at the moment. I feel like bohemian and grunge are very much two sides of the same coin and I constantly spend my life flipping between them.

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Like, look at that. Is she grunge? Is she boho-chic? We’ll never know – but we can say she looks 90s and call it a winner. Regardless . . . let’s get onto the wishlist.

1. Shit-kicker, zombie-crushing, apocalypse-ready boots.

Look, if you don’t think that black boots are an absolute wardrobe essential . . . I mean, I just really don’t know how to help you.

I had an amazing pair that I loved, who so valiantly fought the war against festival mud and sand and dirt . . . twice. Alas, however, they did not make it home the last time. So I’m in the market for some new zombie-stompers – and I’m finding some good options.

Those velvet imitation Doc Martens are also speaking to my soul and begging me to buy, but I’m trying to be more mindful of what I will actually wear and stop buying too much nonsense. What am I saying – add to cart.

Dollskill Bad Bitch Boots (linked)

Yellow or Rose Pink Velvet Boots – Dollskill (linked)

2. Things To Layer

I ‘ m   o b s e s s e d   w i t h    l a y e r i n g.

It’s 90s; it’s grunge. It’s delicate; it’s girly. It’s a statement; it’s subtle. The possibilities are endless . . . as are the purchases on my bank statement. *Internally cringes*

Roman Numerals Dress – Missguided (linked)

O-Mighty Camo Cami Dress – Dollskill (linked)
Light Pink Slip Dress – Dollskill (linked)

3. Embroidery

Something that I should just make as clear as possible is that I love duality. I feel like most people have concepts that fascinate them, or in some way tie into how they live their lives – mine is duality of nature. I love the way that the most girly, sweet things can be gothic and dark with just a tiny change. I love that light and dark are just two sides of the same coin.

Yeah, I know; I’m being weird and over-thinking clothes – but hear me out.

My favourite trends are ones that I don’t feel are limiting; I like to show my personality through clothing, so I love styles and trends that can capture duality. Embroidery is one such trend.

No Romance Tee – Topshop (linked)

Embroidered Wildflower Tee – Etsy (linked)

Embroidered Ringer Tee – Dollskill (linked)

Embroidered Dragon Jacket – Missguided

Blue Alannah embroidered relaxed skinny jeans

Embroidered Jeans – River Island (linked)

Denim Jacket – Dollskill

Okay, you stunning human being – those are my main influences (and dream closet items!) for the moment; what do you think? Are you crushing on similar items to me – what trends and styles do you love? Let me know down below!


25 thoughts on “My Fashion Inspiration & Wishlist”

  1. Who does not own a pair of black boots. Who who? It’s plain badass and we all need a bit of that to brighten things up. Bring on the balance! A little quaint (embroidery) and a little naughty for that perfect-imperfect statement. xx

    1. It’s surely a sign of a psychopath…if a person has an aversion to black boots, they’re not mentally sound. Consider it a warning and run far – and fast! Definitely…gotta have it both in there! Thank you for commenting my lovely xx

    2. SO INTO THIS!! And don’t worry- you’re not just “over-thinking clothes”, I totally do the same thing. Love your style so so much!!

    3. Like everyone above said, 90’s grunge is always the way to go! I always feel like I’m so caught between 60’s rock, 70’s funk and 90’s grunge, so it’s easy to take on so many different personalities through clothing. Love this post. Xo
      Jenna –

    4. Love the boots! Living in a place where we get A LOT of snow cute, warm boots are a must. In summer, winter and every season in between haha.

    5. I got through the first one and please do not do velvet boots! God forbid you go to an outside music festival and it’s rainy. Even worse, you get pulled into a pit and get them stained with various kinds of booze and/or bar food condiments. Noooooo thank you! Get a more practical pair that you can wipe clean and/or polished(I actually polished up my vegan work boots this morning and posted them to my Insta 😍).

      1. That said, I love the embroidery! Maybe it’s just me loving patches to sew onto my bass case(I may make a battle best if I ever find a pastel colored denim vest or jacket, hehe) but yassssss, duality too. Everyone around here in the metal scene(that’s a chick) kinda looks stereotypical. I like looking overall nonmetal but with hints here and there that point to more. 😛

        1. DEFINITELY! I always feel pretty out of place at concerts etc because I do not look metal whatsoever – also, you could always try DIY it? Get an old denim jacket from a thrift shop, bleach and dye it? Could be a fun DIY 😀

          1. I’ve heard that dye doesnt like clinging to bleached fabrics. That said, I haven’t tried it so who knows?
            Regardless, thanks for the idea! I’ll keep it in mind.

            And don’t worry about looking out of place, especially if you don’t want to get hit on. People will assume you’re a girlfriend that’s been dragged along to the show which can be convenient! 😁

          2. I mean that’s definitely true! I don’t think I’d get them (although maybe on the Christmas list ;D) because they’re pretty impractical – BUT THEY’RE SO PRETTY ;-; oooh I will have to check out your insta!

          3. Great picks. Am in love with the pink velvet boots <3 If you don't mind me asking – where do you normally shop? 🙂 I can't wait for autumn/winter so I can layer again!!

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