How To Write An Engaging, Kick-Ass About Me Page

by Mia M.

I’d been staring at an empty “about me” page for the one-month and two weeks that I’d owned this site. Every time I tried to tackle it . . .

I failed.

Visions of people rolling their eyes at my attempt of an introduction flooded my mind. In flashing neon lights, the words:

“That . . . was boring.” “I was cringing so hard the entire time.” “This is terrible!” “I definitely don’t want to read her blog.” “Trash. Utter trash.”

Writing About Me pages if difficult. Writing an engaging and witty About Me page is nigh impossible. 

You want to capture your personality and your energy; lure in your audience; make it absolutely crystal clear from the get-go who you are and why people should follow your blog. It all sounds so simple.

Yeah, well, it’s bloody not.

So today’s post is me addressing the problem of About Me pages. It’s me diving headfirst into the problem and fixing it. I’m going to learn how to write a kick-ass about me page and then I’m going to teach you how to write a kick-ass about me page.

Let’s roll!

First off . . .

Why Is An About Me Page So Important For My Blog/Website?

Your About Me page is absolutely crucial – it’s basically the cheese in the mouse-trap. It’s your chance to loudly and proudly tell people who you are and why they should like you enough to stick around.

Think of it like a CV . . . but you’re selling your personality.

When people follow a blog, they aren’t just following the content – they’re following the person. The voice. It’s a rapport; a relationship of sorts.

So, before committing to giving you an email address or signing up to anything, people usually want to know more. They want to understand who you are; they want to get to know you! Think of it like this . . . when you start to become aware of a celebrity, don’t you sometimes find yourself flicking through their Wiki page? Doesn’t watching a funny interview or a touching speech from them convince you to like them just a little bit more?

A little insight is that thing that turns you from a casual consumer to a fan. I liked Shakira’s music, but then I learnt how intelligent she was (she writes music and speaks in multiple languages!) and how much charity and non-profit work she does and became a true fan of her.

Your About Me page is your chance to sell yourself! But, like, the legal way.

What Should I Include In My About Me Page?

Now, this one is obviously open to interpretation. After all, it’s selling you – so you include what you want to include! Here are a few things that I’d suggest including and a few ideas for things you could include.

  • Why people should follow your blog!

    At the end of the day, although people are trying to learn more about you . . . they’re really trying to figure out whether they want to give your blog a follow or not. Do you align with their interests? Will they find your writing entertaining?

    So give it to them straight! I usually create two About pages for this exact reason; About The Blog and About Me. For people who purely want to know what they can expect from my blog, they can visit the About The Blog page . . . and those who want me for more than my kick-ass-About-Me-page-writing-tips can check out the About Me page. However, you can just as easily combine the two pages.

  • A picture of you.

    Show us that pretty face. Or your arty photography skills!

  • Actually, just an image or two.

    One of my favourite bloggers, Natalie’sAlchemy, has an absolutely gorgeous and unique way of editing her images that is such a distinct part of her presence and brand. This is one of the things that really shows her creativity and the effort she puts into her posts – so makes sense to sell it, right?

  • Your unique selling points.

    To the above point, include anything that you do well. Another one of my all-time favourite blogs, TheTravellingDiaryOfDippyDottyGirl, has one of the most distinguishable writing voices I’ve ever heard. You could give me 100 blog posts to read and steal all my coffee – and I’d be able to pick her out instantly.

    If you have some kind of unique selling point that you want your blog to be known for or that you’re known for, make sure to include it!

  • Basic details about you such as where you live, your age, your name. etc.

    While privacy is important and I wouldn’t suggest announcing your address or anything like that, the whole point of an About Me page is about telling people who you are. Basic information such as “I’m American!” (I’m not; native Londoner over her, thank you) is a good thing to include so that people can get the gist of you figured out.

  • Hobbies and interests

    This is another way to force people to love you – show them that you have similar interests! One of the things that people love about their favourite bloggers is that they’re relatable. They like makeup? I like makeup! They enjoy binge-watching Netflix in bed when they could be being productive? I waste time too! Which leads me nicely to my next point . . .

  • Don’t be afraid to be flawed.

    Seriously – we’re all human. People love a good flaw; it means you’re real, you’re on their level, they can relate to you.

  • Things that you’ve done

    This is another good one – because it’s easier to to talk about things that you’ve done than who you actually are. Thinking about who you are leads to existential crisises and introspective disasters.

I hope that from this you’ve got some inspiration and a good spring-board of which to leap off and-

Oh, wait, we’re not done. I wouldn’t just send you on your merry way with that; I’m going to show you what I did for my
About Me page. Using one of my fave blogging tools, I created an infographic!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learned a little more about how to create your About Me page. Do you guys have an About Me? Do you think it’s important? Did you like the one I created? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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