10 Exciting Surprise Birthday Ideas For Boyfriends!

by Mia M.

After some fun surprise birthday ideas for him? This is the post for you! Here are 10 gifts, experiences, and overall fantastic surprise ideas for the man in your life. Affiliate links in post!

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web. I hope you’re all feeling fine and fresh. Oh, me? I’m feeling inspired.

July is always a pretty exciting month for me because my boyfriend’s birthday is in August and . . . I like to bring my A game. In this house, we prepare ahead of time.

True to form, I have been brainstorming ideas for next month – and I thought I would share!

1. Create a puzzle treasure hunt

My first idea is simple, but great fun. My boyfriend loves a good treasure hunt for his birthday gifts – and a fun way to elevate the experience?

Create a little DIY puzzle with a treasure map of your home! That way, your partner has to complete the puzzle first . . . and then go gift hunting! It’s a fun way to drag the whole experience out longer.

The plain white puzzles come pre-assembled, so all you need is a Sharpie!

This is super easy to do (and costs less than $10!). Have a watch of my DIY gift ideas for him video to see how I created a DIY puzzle in less than 10 minutes last year.

2. Whisk him away for a mini holiday

One of my favourite ideas is to steal your partner away for a surprise holiday. This is even better if you can do it 100% out of the blue.

If you’re familiar with any of his coworkers, you can always sneakily book him some time off and go on a trip to one of his favourite places!


This is an example of the fabulous savings Groupon has available.

3. Tick something off his buckletlist

If your boyfriend is the type to have a bucketlist, why not tick something off it for his birthday? Common items are sky-diving, visiting certain places, etc.


4. Create a “Fun Date Ideas” surprise jar and have him pick three ideas out

This works as both a birthday surprise and a gift. As any couple will know, sometimes the hardest part of carving time out for dates is . . . well, just coming up with ideas for them!

Weekly Date Night Jar With 70 Date Night Jar Ideas
Weekly Date Night Jar With 70 Date Night Jar Ideas
Source: Weekly Date Night Jar – 70 Free Date Night Jar Ideas!

Take a few hours to research the best date spots in your city and create a “fun date ideas” jar. On his birthday, you guys can take out three ideas to do for a really spontaneous day!

Plus, you guys can whip the jar out on a Friday night for future dates. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Some date ideas to get you started . . .

  • Top 10 restaurants in your city
  • Top brunch spots
  • The best night clubs
  • Any hidden bars?
  • Rooftop cinemas or quirky cinema nights?
  • Any classes (pottery, art, etc.) you guys could take?
  • Learn a new skill
  • Any cool hikes around?
  • What local landmarks have you guys not seen yet?

5. Throw a mini festival in your garden (or hire an Air BNB)

(Obviously, only do this if restrictions in your area allow you to.)

This isn’t my video, but if you want some inspiration definitely check it out!

A fabulous surprise birthday idea is to set up a mini festival in your back garden! You can invite all your boyfriend’s friends, get tents set up with different activities and (the real highlight) get dressed up to party.

Some ideas for tent stations . . .

Make sure you get some disposable cameras to capture the whole event!

If you have cash to spare (or you can rope some of your boyfriend’s friends into it), you could even hire an Air BNB and throw a real rager.

Bonus points: you can totally fit this to your boyfriend’s interests too. Does your partner love wine? Awesome, buy a selection of wines and have different stations set up for different regions, with a little cheese board selection at each.

6. Surprise decorate the house for them!

If you’re on a budget, a simple but heartwarming surprise birthday idea is to wake up before the birthday boy and completely decorate the house from top to toe!

This doesn’t have to be too fancy – some balloons and a big card will go a long way. Plus, it’s the thought that counts.

Here’s a little surprise set-up I made for my boyfriend last year for inspiration:

7. Create some personalised DIY gifts

It would not be a post of mine if DIY wasn’t mentioned at least once! I think DIY gifts are so heartwarming and personal – especially for someone as close to you as your boyfriend!

If you want inspiration for DIY gifts for him that don’t suck, make sure you have a read of my post.

8. Throw a surprise party with all their friends

Now, sure, this idea isn’t exactly revolutionary – but it’s a timeless classic. Again, it’s the thought that counts!

9. Make yourself into a stripper cake!

I don’t know if it was from The Sims (the original games were racy), but I’ve always had the vague idea of Stripper-grams being a thing? I tried to order one as a joke for friend’s birthday, however, and found nothing.

Source linked!

That said, I stand by the idea! A great birthday surprise for your boyfriend? Jump out of a cake! I definitely don’t think it would be seductive, but it sure would be a funny way to kick off the festivities.

10. Create a mini cinema

I admit, the rest of the suggestions on this list have been pretty extraverted. If your partner likes a more chilled pace of life, I think our next one is a winner.

Learn how to make an outdoor cinema on Pretty Fluffy. Linked!

You can easily convert any indoor or outdoor space into a stylish home cinema. Binge watch their favourite movies, whip out a ton of snacks and relax on their big day.

(Plus, you can always keep the set-up around for future date nights too!)

Alright, my loves, we shall end at the end. I hope you enjoyed this little round up of surprise birthday ideas for boyfriends. Now it’s your turn – what’s the best birthday surprise you’ve ever thrown? Would you try any of these? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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