Casual Festive OOTD

by Mia M.

Hello, my beautiful babies! Not literally by any means; you are neither infants (I hope) or entities I pushed out of me (although, if you are, thank God I managed to suppress those memories). As we’re reaching the end of 2017, we are also reaching party season! Now, if you know me, you know that I love clothes.

Love; obsess . . . what’s the difference?

However, while I may have an abundance of dresses and heels and beautiful items just waiting to be released on the world in my wardrobe, I must admit that not every occasion warrants six inch stilettos. I mean, I don’t have to like it, but I need to accept it. Plus, I’m not great at walking in stilettos so occassions that warrant a good boot (or, even better, trainers) are actually in many ways preferable. But that’s our secret; don’t tell my shoes that.

Anyways, as part 1 of a three-part-series (Casual Festive Looks, A Holiday Party Lookbook and Things To Do For New Year’s) today’s post is just a nice and casual outfit that you can rock to a party, a meal with friends . . . or any other event that you want to look nice for, but not too nice.

Colour Co-Ord With Knits And Boots

This first look is casual as hell. You’re so casual you could be going for coffee, or food shopping . . . but those boots are party worthy!

Outfit details: Boots – Missguided – £18 // Jeans – Topshop – £42 // Jumper – River Island – £40 (In store)

I actually wore this outfit for a really lovely evening with the beautiful and talented bloggers Maria and Isabel; our mini Christmas outing. (Both of their blogs are linked) Or, as is always the case when Isabel and I get together, our mini hunt for food.


What do you mean the road is a weird place for an impromptu photoshoot? You’re a weird place for an impromptu photo shoot.

As my wordcount is horrifically low and I have very rapidly run out of things to say about this outfit (in three words: glitter, comfy and orange.), I’ll take the opportunity to shoutout these two girls and give the universe a big old thank you. I met these two really recently through all of our blogs and they’re such awesome and talented and inspiring girls that it really was a total privilege to get to know them! I’m super excited for 2018 and all the fun and cool shit we’ll all be doing together – and hopefully meeting more likeminded people! Imagine how cool it would be to have a whole set of blogger friends around the world.

Okay, that really is this post done! Again, I need to add in a little apology to the end of this post – I was in Paris with my best friend this week, so again I’ve been really behind on blogging . . . but I’m catching up! (Or trying at least…) Did you guys like the outfit? Would you rock it, or are your festive looks more fancy? And can we please talk about the boots? Glitter? I think yes. Let me know your thoughts down below!


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