June Bullet Journal Spread & Goals!

Why, hello there, you sexy thing – it’s that time of the month again. No, not that one – god, what do you think I am, mother nature? I mean, I get that I have a lot of botanical tattoos, but I was really going for more of a fairy vibe- okay, we’re getting wildly off topic. The point is: it’s time for me to show you my June bullet journal spread and some goals.


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So this whole bit is normal for us at this point . . . but I thought that I might introduce something new to my monthly bu-jo posts: a look at my goals from the month before. Because I should probably actually check I’m meeting them.


  • Have some fun Definitely did that!
  • Book some travel  I’ll go with halfway; a few of my best friends and I have got a roadtrip planned out, but we haven’t picked hotels to book yet. My mother and I also have a roadtrip to Wales planned too! And I made two potential travel buddies, who I’m actually on my way to Birmingham to meet. So lots of progress?
  • Start eating healthier Yep, I’ve definitely started this! Although my dad buying me so much cheesecake isn’t helping . . .

Admittedly, May was considered a cheat month, so meeting these goals isn’t that impressive – but I’m taking it anyway. Go Mia, have a high five. (If you missed my May Bullet Journal spread, go take a look!)

June Bullet Journal Spread

You guys already know how much your girl lives for flowers; they’re one of my favourite things about summer . . . which is precisely why I get such crippling hayfever. Because sometimes God just likes to drop in to say “fuck you”.

This spread was partially because I’m enjoying spending all this time outside in the somewhat-more-pretty world, but also because, at the end of the month, I have a tattoo booked in this style:

🌸🌺🌿🌹✨ . I'm working in NYC. My schedule fully booked! Please don't mail me 😭 .

I’m getting them far more spread out than this and with different flowers, but I loved the tiny little flowers. I want them to look like they’re falling out of my hair, so I’m going to have them dotted across my shoulders. So look forward to that, kids!

I’ve actually got a pretty busy month planned – and I’m meeting a few new friends, which is always amazing. (Case in point: I met Alix on the 2nd of June and we just instantly clicked; she’s a total babe, but there’s a whole post coming up about that so I won’t say too much.)

There’s also a teeny bit of travel! My mother and I are taking a roadtrip to Wales to visit my grandad for a weekend at the end of June. I know what you’re thinking “wow, Mia, literally none of that sounds exciting” – but, in return for my navigation skills, she agreed to stay in a gypsy caravan. I’m ticking summer bucketlist items off, kids.

Also, mountains and shit. And roadtrip playlists. And creating art in a gypsy caravan. And exploring woods and going hiking. And OOTD posts in cool places.

I’m making her work for that navigation.

In terms of goals, you guys already know that workaholic Mia has made a strong return – so I’ve got a few more goals and to-dos this month. We’re trying to be healthy, happy and productive!

(And bearing in mind that it is currently the 5th of June and I have my posts written and scheduled for up to the 17th, I think this is going to go well. What I learnt from May is to give myself breaks, so that I’m fired up and inspired to work harder – and that way my back is covered if I want another break.)

Okay, kids, this was just a quick little post to show you my bullet journal spread for June and what I’m planning on getting up to! If you enjoy bullet journal posts and inspiration – and who doesn’t? No, seriously, who? I need to stay far away from them, they aren’t sane – give my Pinterest board a follow!

Did you guys like my June bullet journal spread? What are your goals for June? What do you think of the tattoo idea? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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65 thoughts on “June Bullet Journal Spread & Goals!”

  1. Omg love this spread Mia! well 1. you’re spread skills are A friking +, 2. this tat looks so bloody sick, I can’t wait to see yours and 3. I’m jealous af. I cannot wait to see the blogpost from this gypsy caravan adventure, it was never something that was on my radar but now I have an ever present urge to look up gypsy caravan experiences in melbourne and see what I can find! I’m finished for the semester so hopefully I can get on this level of productivity – also keep me posted on these plans for Australia, you know I’m keen gal! xxx

    1. Thank you lovely Priya…. also have I told you how much I FREAKING LOVED YOUR SONG YET ???? Because I did it was a* ❤️ and IM HONESTLY SO EXCITED FOR IT, my dreams of looking like a fairy are close to being achieved 🤟 and same here like I stumbled across the idea a few months ago and was just like “welp, might as well resign myself to the fact that’s gonna have to be done” 💁🏻‍♀️ hope you can find some gypsy caravans of your own!😉 ooooooh congrats girly! And omg I’m literally on the train to go meet the girls I’m going with now PRIYA IM SO EXCITED xxx

      1. OMG THANK YOU LOVE YOU!! I actually have a post that went up like…now, all about the song 😬 I’m keen for some gypsy caravans now, you’ve got me hooked and YES GAL YES WE’LL HAVE A GIRLS DAY/NIGHT!!! xx


        2. Coyote from Orion

          Aghhhhhh!!!! It’s the scary witch who killed Sirius Black and has great hair….. you know…. Marla Singer (playing a Les Paul).
          Damn I wrote Les and spell check offered me ‘bian’ as the next word. Where is that damn feline housemate

          1. I love the tattoo idea you have – so terribly delicate and pretty looking – it’s probably something that I would personally get if I could! Your bullet spread is always so on point girl! 😍😍😍

          2. Girl I already told you how much your bul-jo (Which autocorrect wanted to translate to bulge and okay I am just going to shut up now because my mind is going there) is goals! I am obsessed! I swear you could have a job just creating bul-jos for people!
            Also THAT Tattoo! Oh. Em. Gee!!!! I can not even! There is a tattooist in Japan who does water color tattoos similar to the one you are getting and I am obsessed with them. I would go to Japan JUST to get one! I can not wait to see yours! SO pretty! <3

            1. AHAHAH I LOVE YOU – MY MIND WENT TO THE EXACT SAME PLACE! And oh god that would be amazing, right? I’d love that as a job, pls don’t tempt me ;-; And thank you girly, I love the tattoo too! oOOh show me show me show me! I love Japanese artists, they’re so talented! <3

              1. Girl WE are the same person on separate continents LOL. And I am glad I am not alone in my uh very entertaining thoughts LOL. You would be amazing at it! And yes I will hold on just a second! <3

            2. Woaw – Mia, you’ve done it again… It looks so so gorgeous, I especially am dying a little bit for that ‘pressed’ flower page it’s stunning! Your tattoo is so cute btw, very spring/summer appropriate <3 xxx Have a great June lovely!

              1. Thank you so much you total sweetie! I love using pressed flowers in my bujo, it’s a great way to add a lil bit of cuteness in 🙂 And thank you lovely girl! You have a good June too 🙂 <3 xxx

            3. Oh my goodness, the tattoos are gorgeous Mia. I love the idea of them falling off the hair. Gosh, your posts are all about bohemian, fairies and magic – all of which I LOVE!! 💕

                1. Love this spread! So pretty & elegant as usual. I also love the tattoo idea! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out! & the gypsy caravan to Wales!

                2. oml.your doodles are so adorable.love your bullet journal!If only I had the patience to have a well maintained,neat and artsy bullet journal lol.my journal is just scribbles in pen haha.I like it,though.Love your blog,i wrote the same blogpost on my blog too.Keep writing!

                3. I love your spreads because they’re simple but so unique at the same time with the flowers! Really awesome. And I cannot wait to see your tattoo finished (if you’ll be showing us) because I still wanna get one but not sure what 🤔

                4. Omg that tattoo must be so beautiful 😍 I also saw one on Tumblr which a dandelion. I love your bullet journal so much 💕 It looks so pretty with the washi tape and the flowers. Good luck with achieving your goals xx

                5. You seem so amazingly organized and creative at the same time. The more creative I feel, the more chaotic I tend to get, so I’m seriously impressed. The idea of having your flower tattoos look like they’re falling out of your hair sounds very intriguing. I can’t quite picture it, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final results – it sounds really enchanting.

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