Setting Up July In My Bullet Journal: Sorting Out My Finances!

Hello, you sexy people – how is the world treating you all today? Oh, you’re all enjoying the sunny weather on your side of the globe? Well, ha – global warming, bitches, because so am I. Even though it’s supposed to be winter over here in Australia, it’s still sunny and I am-

Gravely concerned.

Anyhoo, let’s skip over the whole existential dread side of things and get onto the bandaid fix: pretty stationery! Yes, yes children – settle in because it’s time for another episode of . . . well, of me sharing photographs of my planner with you in the hope it brings you all a brief moment of happiness in this dark, disturbingly warm world.

Although, bonus points because this month’s pre-actually-getting-into-the-month-set-up could actually be helpful for you gorgeous people too! (I’m actually also quite proud of one of them because I utilised my doodling skills for the first time in . . . well, let’s not talk about that.)

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Now, I’m going to get into all the details on the why in another post, but July is very much the month for sorting out my savings. Long story short, I’m going to be going onto a student visa in September – and that shit costs money. As in, far more money than I currently have.

In an effort to get myself out of the crippling depression of money-induced stress, I decided to just organise the shit out of it. A roadmap of “how I have to get my ass in gear”, if you will. And that brings us to the first of our spreads: my savings tracker.

My initial idea for my tracker was a literal roadmap, but this spread is actually going to be stuck on my wall near where my desk space is set up, so I wanted it to be . . . more me. I opted to keep the growth/journey vibe, but instead of a roadmap I decided on a growing vine. I’m going to go into this spread in more detail in another post, so I’ll keep it short for now!

Next up is a spread that felt like a natural fit next to the first one – and that’s ways to make money (on top of having a job). For me, it was just helpful to jot down some ideas and things to start looking into. Freelancing, in particular, is something I’m going to be seriously investigating over the next months. If anyone has any tips on getting started with that, please throw them my way!

My third and final pre-June bullet journal spread is also geared at the cash money, but more from a blog perspective. Basically, to make sure I can really reap the benefits of seasonal content, I have realised that I should really get my ass in gear and actually plan it. So if I start happening to place Christmas puns in my writing, you know where that’s coming from.

Now, as it is not actually July yet, I haven’t started with my weekly spreads or anything like that – but my main goal is to go into July with a focus on getting my bank account up, so I think these are useful spreads! If you enjoyed this blog post, a. thank you, thank you very much. And b. make sure you’re following my Bullet Journal board on Pinterest!

Do you guys have any set goals for July? Are you working on any themes for the month? Which of these spreads was your favourite – and do you think that you’re going to try utilising any of them yourselves? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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35 thoughts on “Setting Up July In My Bullet Journal: Sorting Out My Finances!”

  1. It’s beautiful!! Loved this post (: To be completely honest I pretty much love all of your bullet journal posts – you’re so talented at it haha ❤️

    1. Your planners as usual…GORGEOUS! And omg, you are planning everything so well! I would love to hear YOUR tips on being a freelancer because I personally don’t know where to start! Sorry, I can’t provide the information. Good luck with everything and enjoy your weekends! 😘

      1. Thank you so much Cordelia! BTW have you changed your website address? It says your old one is closed 🙁 I’ll write a blog post about it as I try to figure it out! 😀

        1. Oh woops! Yes I’ve changed my domain to ! Okay! I’m really looking forward to reading, you’re such an inspo srsly! 😁

      2. I swear I’ve been meaning to get my hands on those pastel highlighters for years now because I see them everywhere and they look SO cute but am I yet to do it ?? Of course not. Great post as always Mia xx

      3. Girl, I feel ya on that existential dread!! *Sigh*

        I LOVE your bullet journal! This would motivate me to manage my money big time. Tooo cool. Thanks for sharing how you did it all!! <3

      4. Are you going to study in Australia then or attend a UK-based Open University?
        Also, how do affliate links work? I have always seen them on your blog but never really investigated what they are.
        Loved this post as always. I feel like seeing your organisation makes me more organised! xx

        1. Thanks girl! So I’m just doing like a year long course here in Australia (I don’t think they’re very strong qualifications tbh… just doing it for the extra year as I don’t have my farmwork) Affiliate links are basically links to certain stores that have your tracking code in them. So the store can track if people buy anything through your referral and, if they do, you get a 2-5% comission 🙂 xx

          1. Enjoy! What is the course on?
            That makes sense. Do many people normally use your links to purchase anything? xx

        2. Wow you are so organized!!! I used to keep a bullet journal too but these days I forget to use it but it’s so helpful. Love the stickers!!


        3. I love your July pages! So organised, neat and summery! That leaf washi is awesome, I neeeed to get myself some. The spreads are so motivational and I hope you reach your goals! Have an awesome month and thanks for sharing! <3 xx

          Bexa |

        4. Omg I am OBSESSED with this, it is so aesthetically pleasing. I have been saying for so long that I so need to make a bullet journal. One day I will be as organised as you haha! Your bullet journal posts are one of my absolute favs! xxx

        5. Ooh i like the ” ways to make money” spread. I wrote some notes like that down but since i didnt make it look cute, i dont even look at the notes.. not good. I completely forgot what i wrote lol

          Im thinking of doing a lil 3 day festival job it will be like $300 for 3 days in September. I have to go interview tho and im also thinking , do i rlly want to do that? What if they put me on cleaning duty 🤢 at the porta potties 🤧😪
          Idk we will see!!! Good luck on ur money goals 💪

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