Setting Up My Travel Journal!

Hello, beautiful people – how you all doing today? Good? Fabulous, let’s talk about me. By this point, we all know that I have an unholy obsession with stationery. Thankfully, considering the fact my bullet journal posts are some of my most successful posts, so do you guys. We’re just a sad little corner of the internet, aren’t we?

Jokes aside, I do genuinely love things like bullet journals and diaries (although all my diaries had comics and drawing and doodles, so were they diaries or scrapbooks? Who knows? More accurately, who gives two shits?) because they allow me to look back over my life.

A lot of memory, in my experience at least, just needs to be jogged. You could ask me “oh, didn’t you have that friend when you were 11?” and I’d turn around and say “who the fuck is that?”. But I’ll read a single page of my diary and a whole month’s worth of memories will flood back and hit me in the face.

Naturally, I want to remember everything I can about my ‘lil adventure to Australia . . . and I also want to keep my stationery affiliate earnings topped up. (I could lie, but why bother? We all know I’m a capitalist robot. Literally here to write fun things, sell you shit, earn some dough and sit on the beach.) So it goes without saying that I’m going to be journalling my time over in Aus.

And so, with that extremely lengthy introduction, we reach the point of today’s post: setting up my travel journal. Let’s do this. Watch the video! (I put a lot of effort into this one, so I hope ya like it!)

What journal are you using? Papaya! Art 2019 Planner

Papaya! Pink Bouquet 2018 - 2019 Weekly Planner

Papaya Art 17 Month Planner – The Paper Parlour – £23

Don’t hate me, but . . . I’m actually not using a bullet journal. Oh, lord, I felt that gasp. Some Southern lady in Texas just clutched her pearls. Don’t disown me yet, I’m still kind of bullet journalling.

If you remember me talking about my 2018 blog planner setup, you may remember me mentioning how much I love Papaya! planners. I had one back in . . . oh lord, it must have been 2016 now. (That’s not terrifying or anything.) Anyways, they’re literally works of art and I love them – but, somewhat annoyingly, they only started making the 18 month calendars from Aug-Dec. So when I went to purchase a Papaya! planner for 2018 . . . there was none to be found.

Anyways, the world (well, that and targeted advertising) conspired to reveal the latest Papaya! planners to me – conveniently August 2018 to December 2019 – and I fell in love. However, I’m a bullet journaller. A lazy scapbooker. I want my memories to be creative, not just writing in an albeit artistic and beautiful planner. So I tried to resist.

However, in my nosiness for what’s inside the covers, I did Youtube the planner to see if anyone had done a flickthrough. They hadn’t, but one of my favourite content creators had done a flickthrough video from last year’s planner and . . . well, I like her. So I watched.

Final nail in the coffin. Why? She didn’t just do a flickthrough, she shared how she was using it as kind of a scrapbook/bullet-journal and I. Was. Hooked.

The thing about bullet journalling, while I absolutely love it, is that it can be time-consuming. Now, I don’t mind this – it’s blog content and a creative outlet – but when I’m in Australia I want to be able to record whatever I’m doing instantly if I need to. That’s what I like about this planner: it’s pretty enough that, if I do just want to write and go, I can without it looking plain, but there is the space to create my own layouts and still do my bullet journalling.

Now, I could pretend that you all watched my video – but, let’s face it, pretty much none of you did. And let’s face it, I don’t blame you. I mean, it’s like 8 minutes – that’s a long video, especially for me. So for those of you who did skip it, here’s a ‘lil flickthrough of the pages I’ve set up so far. And I’m moderately drunk, so I can’t be bothered to explain them. If you care, watch the freaking video.


A cutout from this Instagram photo!

(Follow me, bitches, I shall lead you to salvation.)

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I’m extra, so there are naturally many more pages . . . But I’m also drunk. And tired. And I can’t be bothered to write an outro, so goodbye beautiful people – I hope you enjoyed my Australia travel journal and the ‘lil glimpse into how I’m going to be using it! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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32 thoughts on “Setting Up My Travel Journal!”

  1. As much as I love how aesthetically wonderful that all was to look at, and how excited I am that your trip is getting nearer and nearer, my favourite part of that entire blog….’moderately drunk’. You’re my hero Mia x

  2. Look at how pretty your journals are. I adore the enthusiasm you show through your journals, my lovely. Keep them going — and just on a random note of curiosity, how many journals do you have? (I want to feel better about my hoarding tendencies). xx

  3. I am so excited to see your travel journal when you have finished it next year! Your bullet journal posts are some of my favourite posts as they look so aesthetically pleasing and creative and I can tell you put a lot of work into them. Good luck in Australia – it has come around so quickly! xx

  4. This is just so aesthetic and satisfying like gaahhhhh!

    I love writing in journals, and my main reason is: “When/ if I ever have kids, my journals shall be passed won to them to let them know how insane their mother was, and that it’s okay to be effed up sometimes; things work out.”

    I loved this post! You are so creative. Hope you have an amazing time in Australia 🙂

  5. Great video!! I love journal flick-through videos, they’re always so calming and well, pretty to look at too. That washi tape is 🔥 (I mean, I wouldn’t expect any less from you and your insane washi tape collection) and I literally can’t wait to See what your travel journal will look like after Australia! Knowing you, it’s going to be incredibly creative and aesthetic. Gorgeous post Mia xx

  6. That planner is so beautiful! 😍 I hope you are going to have an awesome time in Australia. I also want to go once. It must be so beautiful there 🇦🇺😍 I can’t wait to read about your adventures there and read your travel diary. I watched your video and find it awesome.

  7. I know this will just get lost in the comments but I would love it if you could come and follow me and I know I’m only new but I would love if someone could come help me get started xx – btw this is so good !! 💙

  8. Obviously we are obsessed. That big ass, vintage washi tape is AMAZING! You are so creative I can’t get enough! 😍😍😍 Lemme tell you why scrapbooking adventures are so important—I lost all of my digital memories (on more than 1 occasion) trying to update my damn iPhone. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Dom |

  9. Girl I just died at your texas comment! SO true! Also I think her big texas hair (with way to much Aquanet) flattened in shock!
    Also whether it is a bulge or a planner you kill it in the journaling game girl! Is their a journal you do NOT make beautiful? Also I think you could have a calling creating beautiful journals for people. Just sayin’ #Newbizidea <3

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