Interviewing Priya (aka You Should Hear)

Hello, people of the internet and welcome back to yet another blog post. And if you’re somehow surprised by this . . . well then, I’m not entirely sure what it is you think this website does.

Today, we’re going to be chatting to and about one of our fave peeps in the blogosphere: Priya from YouShouldHear. *Cue cheering* Most of you lovely humans will be well acquainted with Priya (especially considering how much I mention her in my posts) – but in the spirit of her releasing her simply brilliant new single, Same Wine, I wanted to post an interview up with her, so you can get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the blog . . .

A quick about Priya . . .

Priya is primarily a music blogger who shares her fabulous music tastes with the world! She reviews gigs and albums, creates Very Specific playlists and releases her own awesome music.

(She also happens to be a super cool human who made me feel super welcome when I got to Melbourne and introduced me to all her lovely friends! We’ve been to Falls Festival and Laneways Festival together – and we’ve got tickets for Childish Gambino coming up too! Anything music related and Priya is my main girl!)

To the interview . . .

Q1. What do you think most people know you for?


Q2. What do you wish more people knew about you?

That’s interesting . . . That’s a hard question. I wish more people knew about my interests in literature and academic things because people don’t expect them from me as a I’m a goof.

Q3. What are your goals for the next year?

Have an EP out in the next 6 months, in the works right now. Get more experience gigging.

Q4. Where do you see yourself in three years?

Still performing (with more music!). Travelling – for music, or just for fun.

Q5. What are 3 words you’d describe yourself as?

Ambitious, welcoming, loyal.

Β Q6. What are 3 words you’d like to be described as?

Confident, successful, trustworthy.

Q7. Has the reception for “Same Wine” surprised you?

Yeah, you obviously want people to like it so that was good! I was surprised by all the attention Same Wine got, there was a radio that premiered it!

Q8. Favourite things about your music?

I can say what I want in my own words, without being overt. It can be as clear or as hidden as I like. And I love that you can hear my inspirations at the time through my music, I can listen to my older stuff and know exactly who and what I was listening to at the time.

Q9. Top artist influences?

Kehlani, Jon Bellion, H.E.R., Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder (I grew up listening to him), Matt Corby.

And those were my top 9 questions! I wanted to keep it quite music focused because Priya is a musician . . . and we were both super tired by the time we finally got to sit down and do the interview. (We’d spent a long day being productive bloggers, you know us – regular Zoellas.)

Now, as I mentioned, Priya does have a new single out called Same Wine. And naturally you guys should go and check that shit out.

Okay, my lovelies, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Priya’s been one of my fave bloggers since back when I lived on the other side of the world and now that I’m IRL friends with her nothing has changed. She’s super cool, so go check out her music! Have you been followers of hers for a while? Did you like Same Wine? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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30 thoughts on “Interviewing Priya (aka You Should Hear)”

  1. I’m in love with this post. you know my passion for interviews and I truly love this one. she seems so carefree and funny!
    and I love the questions you asked, ehe definitely gonna steal some.

  2. Ahhh thank you angel gal!! Super fun day, super fun interview (even though you spent most of it watching me shovel my Nosh into my mouth), thank you for sharing!! Lots of love for you girl xxx

  3. Omg her music is actually really good, I really like the questions! Her influences were definitely unique and probably why she sounds so good! This is so cool!

    1. It is so cool that you got to interview Priya! I love that she curates playlists for people. I love playing them when I am at the gym. I like that she goes straight to the point with her answers. Thanks for sharing some of these fun facts!

      Nancy β™₯

    2. LOVE THIS. Two of my favorites in a post! Same Wine is in my July playlist and I absolutely love it. Priya’s voice is so angelic and soothing, it’s hard not to like. I didn’t know that a radio premiered her song which is HUGE, so Priya, should you be reading this – CONGRATS!! I am so, so proud. You asked some great and insightful questions, Mia. And lovely pictures! AND AND AND – CHILDISH GAMBINO OOOOHHHH MY GOD

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