How To Get Everything You Want: Manifestations

by Mia M.

Do you ever sit down, look at your life and think . . . “how the actual fuck did I get here?”. (Yes. All the time. There’s a big why in there too, just in case you were wondering.)

Depending on where you are in life and what you’re feeling about that place, how you read that question will be different. Some people will read it as “I know – how did I manage ALL THIS?”; others will read it as “how did I actually let it get this bad?”.

Today, I’m going to talk about one of the biggest things that affects how I answer that question. The thing I turn to when the answer is negative; one of the biggest reasons I’d give for when the answer is positive.
Today, I’m going to be talking about manifestations.

What are manifestations?

If you’re a follower of the Law Of Attraction (which I really need to look into more actually…), I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the concept of manifestations. Essentially, you’re creating – or, if you will, manifesting – your dream life.

Do manifestations work?

Hell yes. Countless things I’ve achieved and opportunities I’ve had have been down to manifestations. A few months ago, I found an old manifestation I wrote down for blogging friends – and I sent it to Isabel, one of my closest blogging friends like a “hey, I asked the universe for you!”. I also manifested some fun travel opportunities and . . . well, I’m now moving to Australia.

A large example of this would be at the end of my (amazing) summer last year I was thinking . . . gosh, I need to start saving – and I manifested money. Lo and behold, guess what happened literally a few weeks later? Someone emailed me asking to buy my old website – and they paid me £8k for it!

How do manifestations work?

Me, personally? I think of manifestations as a little suggestion box to the universe. A little “can I put an order in for this please?”.

Now, I know where your mind has instantly gone – “okay, fine Mia; how about you write your posts before you hit the crack pipe?” – but hear me out. I’m not saying the universe is instantly going to stop in all its infiniteness and say “well, damn, Laura from Essex wants Barry to stop liking Melanie’s Insta pics, so I’m going to stop creating stars and shit and conspire to get Mel hit by a car and facially disfigured. No more Instagram for that girl!”


Look, guys, I’m out here trying to help you all live your best life and get loads of amazing opportunities, the likes of which you can’t yet imagine. Can you just give me the benefit of the damn doubt?

There are a lot of possible explanations for manifestations; you just pick the one that fits your worldview best.

a. You doing manifestations shapes the energy you put out into the universe and you recieve that energy back.

b. You doing manifestations moves your subconscious to subtly drive you towards an identified goal.

c. Identifying goals just makes them 1,000 times easier to work towards. You set manifestations, you essentially give yourself a goal and open your eyes to all opportunities related to that goal.

d. Once you tell yourself you want something and you almost believe in a higher power working to give it to you, you do all the required things yourself and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s how I think of it:

You’re wandering around a forest. If life is feeling a bit shit, you may be wandering around that forest in the dark. How the hell are you expected to know where you’re going? What’s there? What direction are you even walking in?

If life is going well and you’re content, you’re wandering around that forest in the day. It’s nice and sunny, you’re enjoying the walk. Hell, you might even know where you’re going!

Now, what if someone came and put a secret map in your hand? A map showing you all the hidden cool spots in the forest? A wishing well; a waterfall. Some stepping stones! That’s great in itself. A few beautiful experiences you may not have otherwise had. Or you may have stumbled across one of them – but how long would it have taken you?

But then imagine: someone else gives you a map of the forest detailing where there’s buried treasure. Directly handing you opportunities you would have never known even existed.

I feel like I’ve used that metaphor on the blog before, but hey – if you can’t plagiarise yourself, who can you plagiarise? (Nobody. Plagiarism is wrong. Crush the competition under the foot of your supremacy, not the weakness of your imitation.)

My laboured point is: the opportunities are always there, but sometimes you can’t see them. Life is that forest and all those things are hidden in it, waiting for you to find them. Manifestations make those opportunities a bit clearer. Maybe manifestations for you will just act as the sun in your dark forest; maybe they’ll guide you to some beautiful sights and maybe – just maybe – they’ll lead you to your treasure.

But the point is that you’ll always get something out of them. Even if it is just a little bit of direction and a renewed sense of purpose.

How to perform manifestations?

You want a slice of this magic, right? Awesome – let’s get to changing your life. Manifestations work in three parts:

1. Identify the dream or goal. Be as realistic or fantastical as you like.

Honestly, I find that being as specific as possible during this step helps. Instead of saying “I want money”, try “I want x amount of money in my current account by x date”.

2. Take some time to visualise it.

Daydream about a day in the life you’d have if you attained what you want. You need to flesh out the goal. If you’re manifesting a new house, imagine the feeling of walking into it for the first time; think about the struggle of moving boxes; detail how you’d set up your living room. What’s the location like? What’s your day to day like – do you need to get up early to commute to work or are you nearby?

With this step, it’s important to say “I have” as opposed to “I want”. Imagine you already have everything you want and immersive yourself in the reality of that dream.

3. After you’ve thought about having that goal, make notes of your manifestations. This makes them easy to look back on and track.

It’s like writing down goals – it’s more motivating to achieve them when you’ve got a record.

And that’s how you perform manifestations! Simple, right? If you’re interested in creating your dream life, follow my lifestyle Pinterest board. It’s full of tips, motivation and inspiration!


I know it probably sounds crazy – and far too good to be true – but I honestly attest so many of the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have to manifestation. Besides, what do you have to lose by trying it?

I hope that I’ve convinced you give manifestations a try, my friends! Have you ever heard of them before? Ever given them a go? Would you? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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