Missing Mauritius – The Most Relaxing Holiday Ever

by Mia M.

In these work-filled, cold days, there is one thought that won’t leave me be:

I was in Mauritius last year.

When you compare anything to that . . . well, I’m going through some severe withdrawal symptoms and pining. I feel like a just-dumped ex-girlfriend, staring longingly out of the window and dreaming of times past. Have I got to the bitter stage of looking at old photos and dying inside?


Can you blame me though? Look at this place.

Hello, beautiful people (yeah, I mean I can’t actually see you – so I’m not technically lying. It’s fine; I’m sure your personality is great), today I’m going to be sharing a post that’s literally almost a year late. So if you were looking forwards to hearing about Toronto or New York . . . well, you’re shit out of luck. But hey! Follow my blog and maybe this time next year I’ll finally get round to it!

So my dad works in a plumbing store; they sell bathrooms and . . . pipes? Look, I don’t fucking know okay – the point is, they’re a store. They sell items. One of the brands that they stock has a brilliant incentive scheme wherein they set sales targets and if a branch hits that target, the manager gets a luxury holiday. Sometimes these are all inclusive, sometimes it’s like half-inclusive, but flights, hotel and excursions are always included.

Like the times we went scuba diving! And there was like a mini island the resort owns/built/I didn’t question it that the company rented out and put a big meal and show on for us on. It was awesome, actually; I befriended one of the waiters (there’s a clip of us dancing in the video!) and one of the bellydancers.

It’s a great deal. And my mother and father (the bastards.) have been lucky enough to go to Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii and a couple of others. However, my mum is a pretty nervous flyer and the airline to get to Mauritius is . . . to be blunt, it’s fucking terrible. The reviews are awful and she wasn’t up for going.

Enter me.

No, you tit – that’s my dad.

Now, I’d love to be able to say my loving father thought of his hardworking, travel-craving daughter (first child, might I add. Got him and his best friend tickets to see Guns’N’Roses live, might I add. Only daughter, might I add.) . . . but, no, I only heard of this because he was talking about giving the holiday to his coworker. Re-enter me, saying “uh, dude, I exist. We get along well; we’d have a great time. Take me.”

We stayed at Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa and it was the most beautiful, relaxing holiday I could have asked for. Both my dad and I are pretty chilled people, so we spent a majority of our time enjoying the beach literally on our room’s doorstep.

Yeah, I mean my morning view of cloud and icy windshields doesn’t really compare. Plus, and this will be a real shock for any fellow Londoners, there was actual quiet. No sirens! Part of me thought the plane had crashed and I’d finally made it to heaven, but no – apparently hearing sirens all fucking hours of the night is just a London thing.

Look, words won’t do it justice – have a video.


Recently, I’ve been thinking about that holiday a lot. I’ve been on trips that I loved just as much (we all know about how much I love Lisbon) but in terms of chilling out nothing will ever beat the mental reset button that was Mauritius. Watching that video actually really helps me keep a little bit of that calm. It was just such a serene and beautiful place and-

Look, this is why I never write travel posts! I end up wanting to go back and resenting where I am (and the bloody weather. I keep hearing about all this “global warming” and I want to know when we’re getting some.).

So thanks father! Not that you read this because . . . well, that would involve reading.

Anyways, that’s about it for this post. Sorry for being absent and completely fucking up my posting schedule – my new job has knocked my momentum off balance and my body is playing catch up. (AKA my body is rebelling against the corporate world by having migraines all the damn time) I’ve literally been sleeping at 9’o’clock – and I get home at 7.

But I think I’ve got over the worst of the adjustment period, so I’m back. Plus, I now have this post to refer to whenever I need a quick mental break. I mean, sure, it’s nowhere near as good as being back in Mauritius . . . but it works as decent motivation to remind me why I work. (To go on holiday. Duh.)

Places To Add To The Bucketlist_ Mauritius
Places To Add To The Bucketlist_ Mauritius

Have any of you guys been to Mauritius? Would you ever go? What’s the most relaxing holiday you’ve ever been on? And what did you think of my video? Let me know your thoughts down below! (Unless they’re murderous because I’m not really trying to be an accessory to a crime.)


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