DIY: 50 Chic Air Dry Clay Ideas

Are you looking for some air dry clay ideas? You’re in the right place! Here are 50 of the internet’s finest projects in one handy spot. Enjoy!

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web. I hope you’re all feeling fabulous today! Oh, me? As ever, I am feeling inspired.

Over the past six months, I have found a deep, unending love for compilation posts. As a DIY blogger, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration. Compilation posts are a great way for me to curate ideas . . . and share them with you lovely people!

There’s always a new technique to try, or an IKEA hack ready to blow my mind!

Since testing out some air dry clay projects earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to experiment more with the medium. So today let me share 50 of the internet’s finest air dry clay ideas with you all . . .

Don’t be surprised if you see me giving some of these a whirl!


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1. Faux Stone Trinket Dish

Our project is (naturally) a self promo! I’m still in love with how this little trinket cup came out. For air dry clay, it has a lovely faux stone texture.

2. Quirky, Cute Candle Holders

You get a two for one special with this next video! Both of these air dry clay ideas are fabulous, but my favourite has to be the candle holder. It’s surprisingly easy to recreate too.

3. DIY Air Dry Clay Splattered Incense Holder

Alternative shot of DIY incense holder

I’m always seeing quirky incense holders on Pinterest – but you can make your own in a few easy steps!

4. DIY Clay Air Plant Holders

DIY clay hanging air plant holders

You guys know how much I love a handmade air plant holder!

5. Super Easy Flower Holders

To be honest, I think these minimal flower holders are the first thing on my to-try list! I love how chic they look . . . but they’re also incredibly easy to recreate.

6. Indented Bee Pendant

DIY air dry clay pendants painted gold for a treasure hunt

If you like to make your own jewellery, I think this embossed clay pendants are a must try! (They’d also make really cute tags for Christmas gifts.)

7. Line Art Jewellery Tray

Our next idea is so aesthetic!

8. Stylish Air Clay Candle & Match Holder

air dry clay candle match holder

Does everyone else love this practical (and stylish) candle holder set? It’s amazing! I almost can’t believe it’s made from air dry clay to be honest.

9. Monochrome & modern air dry clay bowl


If you’re a fan of more minimal décor, this monochrome bowl project is a winner!

10. Faux Deer Head

clay deer head

I have definitely filed this idea away to be whipped out at Christmas!

11. Clay Drawing Mobile

This is such a versatile and beginner friendly project. If you’re more confident with drawing, you could even create a more elaborate design.

12. Arch Rainbow Vases


These arched vases are such a cute way to display dried flowers and other aesthetic things!


13. Clay Propagation Station

14. Speckled Pottery

Sorry, what? These ceramic plates honestly stopped me dead! They’re so professional and gorgeous. Tons of gifting potential!

15. Bohemian Rainbow Sculpture

Fall For DIY air dry clay projects rainbow 1

Not only a cute home décor piece, I think this would make a fun kids toy!

16. Mini Speckled Plant Pot

We all know how much I love a good DIY plant pot and this stunner is no different!

17. Air Dry Clay Geometric Heart Pendant

Clay Necklace (27 of 40)

I know you guys will think I’m insane, but I’m in solid Christmas gift planning mode. This geometric necklace is so easy to recreate – but super cute!

18. Chic Jewellery Holders

Whenever I think of clay crafts, I immediately think of trinket dishes. These beauties are perfect for gifting . . . or keeping to yourself! (I couldn’t blame you for either.)

19. Decorative Clay Knot

Are you a fan of minimal, modern DIYs? I think I’ve found just the thing for you! Try this clay knot centerpiece on for size.

20. Arched Picture/Memo Holder

Okay, this craft is so adorable! You could use it for positive affirmations and notes – or as a picture holder. Either way? Love it.

21. Painted Trinket Dishes

Air Dry Clay Trinket Dishes

I’m obsessed with sage green at the moment. For clothes, home décor and – apparently – DIYs!

22. Stamped Trinket Dish


23. Easy Clay Gift Tags

Simple DIY tags made with air dry clay.

I love these gift tag ideas!

24. Copper & Clay Candle Holders

Make It Challenge: DIY Clay Candle Holders /// By Faith Towers Provencher of Design Fixation #clay #candle #stamped #diy

This project could totally double up as a DIY Christmas decoration! (And, yes, I am thinking about Christmas already.)

25. Plaited Plant Pot

Plaited Planter tutorial | Fall For DIY

This chic and simple DIY plant pot is so cute! I would love to give it a try myself.

26. Marbled Clay Clock

DIY mini standing desk clock | easy tutorial | polymer clay

27. Constellation Trinket Dish

DIY constellation art on air dry clay trinket dishes-Inkstruck Studio

I think these astrology dish holders would make the perfect DIY gift idea – don’t you?

28. Hanging Flower Holder

29. Boho DIY Wall Hanging

30. Warm Toned Vase

clay vases

31. Monochrome Clay Links

air dry clay decorative chain

32. Classy Air Dry Clay Gifts

I’m utterly obsessed with this video! I would love to receive any of these creations as a gift – hell, I’d be happy to buy them.

33. Celestial Incense Dish

34. 3 Neutral Air Dry Clay Home Décor Projects

35. Illustrated Trinket Box

36. DIY The Friends Peephole Picture Frame

37. Trendy Paint Splatter Air Clay Projects

38. Boho / Celestial Trinket Dishes

39. Celestial Grey Trinket Dishes

40. Herb Garden Markers

fast dry clay craft for garden markers

41. Star Fairy Light Garland

air clay craft ideas

42. Chic Coasters

43. Quirky Long Thin Vases

44. Cactus Ring Holder

diy ring holder tutorial

45. Create DIY Earrings

46. Gold Embossed Trinket Dish

47. Boho Wall Hanging

48. Embossed Floral Trinket Dishes

49. DIY Clay Bells

DIY Decorative Air Dry Clay Wall Bells

50. Crafty Mirror Support

Phew, that was a long ole list – but I hope you guys are just as inspired as I am! I want to try pretty much all of these crafts. (Not to mention, I have tons of inspiration for Christmas.)

If you did enjoy this post, make sure to give it a share. Which of these projects was your favourite? Would you make any? Do you enjoy air dry clay? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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  1. Omg I’ve been recently thinking about how much I used to love creating pieces out of clay in art class and how much I missed it! The only thing that has stopped me is not having a kiln. I’m so happy I came across this post! I want to start with a candle and jewelry holder! Wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing Mia!

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