DIY: Magic Dust Fairy Lights

Hello, and welcome to another episode of “DIYs so easy you could do them in your sleep” with your neither loving and nor attentive host . . . me.

Hey guys – how are you today? A running joke in my family (more like thinly covered resentment and bitterness dressed up as humour, but then again what else is comedy? Or family?) is the fact that I don’t have a light. I’m not joking; I literally don’t have a light in my bedroom – and I’m in the loft, an already pretty dark place, so this is a genuine issue of mine.

Although, after over three years of being light-less, nobody seems to actually care. Which is just the story of my life, isn’t it?

If you remember my The Works haul, you’ll remember that I bought myself a respectable amount of fairy lights to get me through the festive season . . . and I couldn’t resist doing a teeny tiny DIY with one of them. Besides, what a fairy lights without a little fairy dust?

You will need:

As always – not much!

And that’s it! I know; not only easy, it’s cheap as chips. Literally; if you go to Brighton you’re paying at least Β£7 for a decent fish’n’chips and this DIY costs you way less.

What You Need To Do

  1. Pour some glitter into the mini jars and shake it all around.
  2. Pierce a hole in the cork and push the light bulb through.
  3. Stick the cork back into the mini jar, turn the fairy lights on and enjoy!

I know right; how shockingly easy! I love the way the light reflects off of the glitter, it’s such a pretty (and dare I say almost magical!) effect. Not to be too festive too early, but . . . well, if you were to throw some red and green glitter in here, wouldn’t these make an adorable Christmas decoration?


I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you a big DIY-er? Would you try this? And are you decorating for Christmas already? Because, if not, you still have time to run and grab these supplies . . . just saying! I rather like these little magic dust fairy lights; how about you guys? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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