My Blogging Insecurities

This post is long AF. Get some damn tea.

Hello my sexy soul sisters! (And brothers. But, like, alliteration.)

Let me just get this out the way quickly: this is in no way a post aimed at making you all feel sympathetic towards me or to gain attention/validation. While I have insecurities in my blog, (because I am a human being and that’s what we do) I actually really like what I’ve done with the place and I’m proud of it.

The point of this post is addressing the fact that most bloggers at some point (as in most points) have their insecurities and sharing that that is okay.  That everyone does. That it isn’t taboo, you shouldn’t be ashamed and you shouldn’t let it stop you. A lot of you really enjoyed my “Is Blogging A Real Job?” post and I thought . . . hey, why not write some more posts about the blogging community?

Blogging Tips_ How To Overcome Blogging Insecurities

So this may develop into a mini-series of posts (sporadic, unplanned posts) and they will all feature images of the tea I am drinking whilst writing. Why, you ask? Because I’m British – tea is the one thing I will always have photos of. But I’m not quite British enough to dedicate time to taking photos of tea exclusively.

I’ve seen so many bloggers lose their motivation and passion for blogging because they feel like they aren’t good enough;  their photography isn’t on point; they aren’t pretty enough to be Instagram famous; they aren’t as successful as they could be.

And all that is? Insecurity. Fear. It’s fear of not being good enough – maybe of being laughed at and ridiculed. Fear of failing and looking like a fool. We all know that fear shouldn’t hold us back, right?

But . . . what about when that fear just seems like logic? What about when that fear sounds like the voice of reason? Like facts? When that fear sounds like “nobody even likes your content, your blog’s only grown X amount of followers in X time, while Y blogger’s has grown Y amount. Take a hint – stop wasting your time.”?

Personally, I think this fear is completely exasperated by the fact that . . . well, everyone in the blogging game is damn good. And I don’t just mean the pros, either. As a newbie blogger especially, it feels like everyone is doing better than you. (Unfortunately, this feeling does not disappear. Sorry, kids.)

Every blogger has their own shit – their own voice, their own style. The bloggers that are outside your “typical blogger” stereotype have a sense of authority, authenticity and irreplaceability; the bloggers that do fit within that stereotype are talented, social-media savantes, professional as hell and-

Look, there all loads more things I could say, but let’s skip to the point – it’s all pretty intimidating. Now, I could say the typical “comparison is the thief of joy” – and that’s true, but it doesn’t make it any easier to stop the comparisons, does it? So how do you stop them?

Well, for me, it was honestly the fact that I don’t want to be like any other bloggers. That probably sounds incredibly rude and pretentious (which is one of my blogging insecurities – we’ll get there in a minute!) but hear me out:

I love, admire and appreciate so many other bloggers – I look upto them, I’m inspired by them and I learn from them constantly. But I can’t be them.

Let’s take one of the bloggers whose writing prose I am in love with: TravellingDiaryOfADippyDottyGirl. Arundhati has the most unique, eloquent and immersive writing voice; when I read her posts, I feel like I’m transported into a novel. I feel like I’m falling into one of those books that sweeps you off your feet and plunks you straight into another world. Her skill and talent is genuinely rare and special.

Now, while I love her style of writing, it doesn’t mean I want to write like that. My personality (and tendency to completely disregard the rules of grammar and punctuation to suit my rambling thought-patterns) don’t compliment that style of writing; for me to write like that, I’d have to forcibly change myself.

For content, let’s talk about Chloe! Chloe has some of the most raw, authentic, creative and beautiful content. Again, she’s someone I treasure as a really special blogger that carves herself her own special spot on the web.

But I don’t want to write content like hers.

It would be inauthentic; I don’t naturally write these emotive, powerful journal passages – I’m not poetic and all my thoughts are generally a lot more . . . “Welp, shit sucks – let’s buy a van and drive to Cornwall and make out with hot surfer dudes!” instead of eloquent and beautiful. Again, I can love and look up to her . . . but I can’t be her.

Well, not without being some weird obsessive stalker that tries to slowly mould into her and steal her life, but that’s a Hollyoaks storyline as opposed to a real-world option, so I tend to not go down that route.

Anyways. You get my point, right? I don’t tend to compare myself to other bloggers because I really just want to be myself and, unless I was cloned without my knowledge and we’re all living in a movie set, I’m not them and no amount of wishing is going to change that. Thanks, Mum.

So now you’re thinking “oh great Mia, you’ve gone and written a post all about being insecure just to show off that you aren’t insecure”. Don’t worry, kids, you’re about to peel off my thin facade of confidence and reveal the real me. (I lie – there are no hidden depths to me, I am just this trash you see before you. I know, my parents are disappointed too.)

While I may not be insecure over other people’s brilliance, I am plenty insecure about loads of things to do with me and my own blog! Let’s do this.

 1 – That I come across as arrogant, pretentious or obstinate

This is a massive insecurity of mine because what mainly comes across in my writing isn’t really a facade or entirely the real me – it’s my sense of humour. In reality, my thought process really isn’t as black and white, or as pretentious, or as “you agree with me or you’re stupid” – but my sense of humour entirely is. It’s terrible. I have a genuine problem, send assistance.

The latest example I had of this was with my 3 Rules For Avoiding Fuckboys post.

I really didn’t want to come across as I was saying “stupid girls, it’s all your fault” (it’s not) or saying “well, if guys treat you badly it’s because you have no self-respect” (no, it’s probably because that guy’s a dick) or “I know so much better than you” (honest to God, I really don’t) but when I was reading over it I was like . . .

“This sounds super bossy – people might you’re patronising them. This is really restricted; some guys have no warning signs – people might think you’re blaming girls? Etc. etc.”.

Of course, none of this was my thought process or aim – I just wanted it to be humourous as well as helpful and to play the role of sassy friend. (Legit, all I’m good for. I’m the sassy, logical sidekick who always has a deadpan or a one-liner. You’re welcome main-character best friends.) Nobody took it in a negative way and you guys loved the post – but it was still a concern when I was proof-reading it.

I write exactly how I think (and that’s usually incredibly sarcastically), but the problem with that is that . . . you guys don’t know me and you can’t infer how I mean things. You can’t hear the inflection in my tone – and you can’t witness the other 500 facets to my personality.

I can say that shit to my best friends because I’m also the one that sits there and talks on the phone to them for hours; the one who supports them through getting back with their exes; the one who’s there through pregnancy scares. I can give that tough love and sarcasm because there’s context behind the humour – they know it’s not genuine.

So I feel like you get a main part of me (my sense of humour is genuinely a pretty big part of me) but you don’t get the full picture and, without context, it can really be taken the wrong way.

Plus, my writing style is quite . . . punchy. I tend to type quite assertively (no, but seriously – how fucking annoying would it be if I danced around topics and added in loads of wishy-washy “might, maybe, etc” language?) and, combined with the fact I have a pretty dickish sense of humour, I feel like sometimes I can come across as arrogant or really pig-headed. So that’s number 1!

2. Authenticity

The next insecurity I have is authenticity.

I feel like the blogging world is a lot of stereotypes – and, as much as we may like to deny it, there is a particular type of persona, a particular style of photography, a particular look etc. that (generally) does better than others. This is by no means to say there isn’t room for people not fitting that mould – there absolutely is. I’m just saying . . . sometimes it can really feel like the “shortcut to success” is to have certain characteristics or to do certain things.

Don’t get me wrong, (I think) I’m good at staying true to myself.

But sometimes I worry about the subliminal effect of it all – of all the content I’m exposed to, the marketing strategies, the algorithms and whatnot. Sometimes I find myself thinking “I should buy this, wear that, go here, post about this” and have to check myself like . . .

Bitch, you don’t even like tea (green doesn’t count. Love that shit.) and, unless it’s Christmas, you’re not a massive drinker of hot chocolate – why the fuck do you need to take a photo holding a Starbucks?

And – another caveat to this – is that I like to earn money through my blogs and I worry that my audience will read posts as insincere if they’re geared at making money. (For example, a massive post I wrote about Wowcher because I’m a Wowcher affiliate. I wrote that because I love and use Wowcher quite regularly and, to be honest, if that picks up search traffic I could earn good money off it. But I’d hate for my audience to think I’m insincere or just writing to sell them shit. You know?)

3. I’m not photogenic. At all.

Yes, I know – this isn’t the end of the world, whatever.

But bearing in mind bloggers are expected to have thriving social media accounts (where images of people perform best, by the way); I enjoy creating OOTD posts and would love for the fashion section of my blog to be legit; and the prospect of uploading ugly photos for strangers on the internet to gawk over is off-putting to say the fucking least . . . being unphotogenic is really annoying.

4. I’m not good at photography. At all.

So many posts have gone unpublished because of #3 and #4.

5. I’m terrible at social media.

 This last one actually really throws me off as social media is considered an essential in a blogger’s toolkit . . . and I’m absolutely useless at it. Part of me doesn’t care too much because I genuinely don’t enjoy social media that much, but I know it’s so intregal to the landscape of blogging nowadays that I do wish I were better at it. Le sigh.

Okay, so we finally made it to the end of this long chunk of text! I hope you guys can understand the purpose of this post and (maybe?) find it somewhat helpful? I think we all have our blogging insecurities, and that’s totally natural, but we don’t need to let them stop us or overpower us.

Fuck me, I sound like a Disney channel quote. We’re ending this post. Here. Now.

Do you guys relate to any things that I’ve said? Do you have any blogging insecurities? What are yours? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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79 thoughts on “My Blogging Insecurities”

  1. I don’t think that #3 and #4 should be your insecurities girl. I think your photos are always so nice and pretty. Also every photo that you shared of yourself was always on point. But I get what you mean, I get insecure about my photos all the time, even though we should be proud at them. xx

    1. Thanks lovely❤️ and you DEFINITELY don’t need to be insecure about your photography your photos are professional quality! I definitely don’t think all insecurity is rational, but it’s important for us to push past it imo xx

  2. Such a beautiful and important post, I can relate to so many things that you wrote. It is good to hear these kind of things from people that we admire for their blogs, to see that everyone deals with these kind of problems and that we are not alone. I hope that you feel a bit more confident soon, because your blog is awesome girl, don’t worry about that! Xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely – that’s exactly what I wanted to try to achieve. I think we can all admire each other’s work and silently feel insecure about our own, but sharing that we all have pretty similar fears and problems can help everyone feel better! 🙂 xx

  3. Captain James Norrington: you would have to be the worst pirate I have ever heard of.

    Captain Jack Sparrow: yes, but you have at least heard of me.

    You see Slash I see this as being more about me as Leos tend to… and I kept rereading what you had to say about how good and authoritive other bloggers are so I cut and paste those lines into my real estate application and I might take it to an open mic for poets to do some unashamed self promotion.
    You got the tea part right. I fucking love it when I make a lovely fucking cuppa. I can get barred from licenced venues because they won’t make me tea and the last ones to smart ass me for drinking tea….
    Last bloke to have a fair dinkum crack at hurting me was a very big unit and first thing I did after fighting him off and escaping his gang in leather nappies… yep you guessed… a gorgeous cup of tea.
    Your blogging is awesome btw…. you might just be having a down spell. I wish I could say this in an unashamed attempt to suck up but it is actually true. Your blog is easily one of the favorites I read. Don’t get a big head though… I don’t know. Fly casual.
    Good thing about your writing is your voice. You’re cool because you have an emotional intelligence beyond many people twice your age.
    With the rest of life… Don’t be in much of a hurry. You have years and years to beat yourself up. If you have kids then you will really probably be reduced to knowing nothing 😄
    Anyway I just ramble on and all but your voice and approach to topics as a writer are great for someone of any age.
    Argue if you like. Or do something to help someone. Not only will you feel a bit more yourself but it is a great way to get material.
    We are the voice and conscience of humanity at this point in history x

      1. Your title said it… insecurities. These shadow traits are not necessarily good nor bad and we can grow from them.
        Hope something good happens today 😊🤡

    1. When I went to graduate school in England (I’m from America) I went to Exmouth for a day trip with a Chinese friend and a Spanish friend and our favorite part of the day was finding the most precious tea café that made us feel Jane Austen could have walked in and talked with us.

  4. I feel this x 10. I have tons of fears that I’d be much better off just doing lifestyle or fashion posts because it doesn’t seem like I’m catering to a huge group of people, and I get so scared when I post anything slightly personal because that’s not generally what my followers followed me for. I loved reading this though. Such a helpful and relatable post, but you my dear need to stress less, as useless as that is to say. Your writing and your humour makes your blog one of my all time, absolute favourites. It makes what your saying sound, as you mentioned, like it was coming from a best friend who is telling you all the things you need to hear. And girl, your photos kill it, here and on Instagram xx

    1. I love your blog and all the content you write, personal or not! I can definitely imagine that you could feel pressured to expand your niche, but I think it works for you. And awww thank you so much! <3 you're the sweetest thing! xx

      1. Thank you so much! Yesss, I’m definitely hoping to expand my niche but still stick to the general type of blog that I’ve started with xx

    2. It’s a good thing you didn’t say “I feel this x 10” to my ex (cue bitter laughter). When she felt bad, she wanted to feel worse than anyone else about it and if someone said they felt as strongly she took it as an affront to the depth of her emotions and experience.

    3. You have a very cool format, and you can go far with it. Have you been searching for other music bloggers out there? Sometimes building a community of similar bloggers can give you more support and encouragement. You’re the first one that I’ve found and I’m excited to be introduced to new artists. I saw your post on Sabrina Claudio so I know you’re legit. 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’ve searched around for others but only found a few that I really enjoy, but I’m very grateful for support and encouragement I get from bloggers like you and Mia who aren’t necessarily music bloggers, but enjoy my content anyway. Thanks for following and such a lovely comment x

  5. How crazy that we are so critical of ourselves, your insecurities really surprise me because your blogs has to be one of the best and beautifully curated sites!! As long as we don’t drown ourselves in expectations and comparisons, a little insecurity can push us to be better! (:

    1. Thank you so much lovely! That was kind of the point I was trying to make: everyone is super critical of themselves but it’s usually way too harsh and they totally don’t need to be 🙂 I definitely agree that a little insecurity is usually a good thing as it can push us to be better x

  6. Ahhhh Mia 💙 💙 Honestly girl I relate to this so much, especially the coming across as pretentious / arrogant thing, sometimes I hesitate to use sarcasm / humour in my posts cause I’m like…what if they think I’m being serious and everyone thinks I’m a bitch?! It’s weird to see how critical we are of ourselves but so accepting of everyone else, I personally think your blog is incredible (absolutely one of my favourites) and I LOVE the humour in your posts – it’s your personality and a personal touch, the thing that makes you unique. I feel like you’re going to make a lot of people breathe a sigh of relief by sharing this (including myself) because it’s nice to know we’re not alone with our personal criticisms. Amazing post as always xxx

    1. GIRLLLL YOU FEEL THE STRUGGLE! I kind of just go “well…i guess i’ll have to hope they don’t get offended” and just go for it xD Thank you so much beautiful girl – I feel the same way about yours! That was my entire purpose; I just wanted people to STOP feeling so negative towards themselves and their blogs and realise that we all feel just as insecure sometimes because it’s human to 🙂 Thank you again lovely!! <3 xx

  7. Can totally relate! Eventually I just decided that this was something I enjoyed and it didn’t matter if 1,000 people liked it, if I had 10 people who enjoyed seeing what I had to say then it would be worth it! Also, girl, I am constantly jealous of your photography skills you’re fantastic??? This is a great post and I totally feel like it needed to be said!

    1. Girl that is most definitely the way to look at it! Plus, in all honesty, blogging would be zero fun if we all had to censor ourselves; the reason it’s fun is because it’s CREATIVE 😀 And thank you so much – I’m definitely learning and trying to improve 🙂 I’m so glad you understood the purpose of the post though!! x

  8. I relate to this so much – comparing yourself to other bloggers too much, wishing your content was like theirs… I think it all comes down to your mindset. My blog has never really fit into a certain category and I am at this stage where I wouldn’t want it to – I am proud because I feel like my blog is a representation of me, an individual and the beautiful thing about blogging to me is that you don’t have to be perfect – it can be whatever you want it to be. I love reading blogs that showcase growth, if that’s personal, writing-wise, content-wise… Once I was just like “yeah my blog is MINE and it is a part of ME” it was a lot easier for me to separate myself from all of the negative comparisons in my head. I pride myself on being different and individual (as cliche as that sounds), I like the fact that there’s only one me. Once I started regarding my blog as an extension of me, my being, I stopped asking so many questions like “oh but will they misunderstand this? Will they like it?” Of course it still happens, I don’t think it’s possible to ever fully stop comparing yourself and your content. But I think that accepting your blog for what it is is much like accepting yourself for who you are. It was like that for me anyway.

    And might I just add that girl, you don’t need to change a bit. Your humour is what makes your blog stand out to me so much, I love how your writing is precise and clear (unlike my many ramblings and trains of thought). I admire you for being you and please don’t ever feel like that’s not good enough. You have inspired countless individuals with your content (including me) and I look up to your content immensely. Because at the end of the day you are just a girl sharing your thoughts and you do so in such a natural and witty way, with so much strength and honesty. THAT’S what makes me as a reader feel like I can get to know you through your writing. Words can’t even express how much I love this post xxx

    1. This this this!! I see my blog as an extension of myself and have stopped worrying about the fact that I don’t fit into a certain blogging category, because I want the freedom to be able to post about whatever I want and not just stick to something everyone has labelled me as, or something I have labelled myself as due to pressure. I get so excited whenever I do anything / discover anything now ’cause I’m like….well actually I can write about that, actually I can share that – I can talk about that as much as I want ’cause this is MY blog and I do it because it’s something I love, it’s my creative space and therefore I can put whatever I want here .xxx

    2. Girl I was in a cafe when I read this comment first and I actually squealed and was like to Isabel “oh my god i just got the BEST comment”; I love when my posts resonate enough that people write long comments! Honestly, I love that you think like that about your website and I definitely agree with that description of your blog; it really does reflect you and your identity really well. I try to do a similar thing with mine; almost a grow as I blog if that makes sense?

      Thank you so much you lovely human! <3 (Although I love your rambling trains of thought; I imagine it like you have so many thoughts and ideas bursting to get out that you just have to get them onto the page. See what I mean? Every blogger has their unique style and it's awesome.) No seriously though THANK YOU SO MUCH xxx

  9. What what what, you are fab dab Mia, tuck those insecurities away. We are all insecure in our own individual ways, but you have the voice, you know. And as the Tom Jones would insist, nothing matters more than having that – the voice. Oh yeahh. You are a wise one to have discovered the power of being you so early in life.
    Not photogenic and not so great photos, is it? You sure fooled me. But I am with you on being a social media introvert. Of late, I have been even more turned off by it – maybe I have had an excess of it. Who knows, but I am okay with being random about it. And lest I forget while rambling on, thank you for the lovely words, you have enough sass and a big heart to win all our hearts. xx

    1. Awww thank you so much Arundhati! <3 I honestly think that's one of the most important things in life, though – you gotta know who you are and you gotta work with it. 😉
      I can definitely relate to that one; in all honesty I kind of hate social media and I find it pretty pointless a lot of the time, but there we go! And of course lovely, you know how much I love you and your blog!xx

  10. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t agree more. I constantly fear that I’m sounding arrogant. It took me so long to start promoting my blog on my social media because I was worried what people were going to think of me. A few years later, I have been posting quite frequently but a part of me wonders if people still think that. I think it’s important to recognize these fears but push past them.

    xo Logan

    1. I know I can sound arrogant. In a script writing class we were going to read a script of “Frasier” outloud and I wanted to read Niles’ character but I ended up reading Frasier’s and was told it was because I sound so sure of myself people end up believing me because of that.

  11. You know it’s funny because I am known for being so sarcastic and on my blog when I go to write, I just don’t even think to add a joke. Because I’m also quite dry and blunt – to the point where I have had to apologise to people who seem offended!! So I love that you mentioned that but your humour is fun and light-hearted.
    I’m also trying to be like no one else but then at the same time thinking – is this really original? I did go through a phase recently of not wanting to write on my blog or spend time in the community.
    I just think that’s how blogging is – you are never 100% content and you’re terrible at everything lol. Hopefully reading these comments, you realise that you are super talented, you do take great photos, you are photo-genetic and all the voices of doubt in your mind are not real in reality.
    So stay true to yourself and keep doing you. I’m firstly super glad that you are a blogger and second super thankful that I am seeing your posts on my Reader and privileged to read. 🙂 xx

    1. I think your writing style is really concise and informative, I really enjoy it 🙂 (Although I’d definitely be here for jokes too 😉 ) And thanks girl, I’m glad it comes across that way!

      Ugh I can DEFINITELY relate to that! I think a break can be good for the soul sometimes, no doubt about it. And aww thank you! That’s what I want to help show people: that we all have these thoughts, but other people don’t echo them!

      And that means a lot, thank you so much. I feel the same way about you and your blog 🙂 xx

  12. I am so with you on this. The amount of posts I’ve written & never published because I’m worried I’m going to upset someone, or give an impression that I’m a massive nob. I second guess everything & sometimes think I play my humour and personality down to fit into something that isn’t wholly me.
    I swear, I’m vulgar & weird and I find it so hard to fit into this polished, filtered life and sometimes I feel I comprise myself to do so.
    Internal battle al day mate. Xxx

      1. 100%, you are so right it’s not as easy as it sounds but that being said, keep doing you – you are funny, articulate and wise. I always look forward to reading your posts because I know I’m going to feel something and that’s what writing is supposed to do; make you feel. You got something special girl (just like Chloe) & you should be proud of your corner of the internet xxx

    1. Vulgar and weird is a gift, so you’d better use it. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t please everyone. The people who love it are going to be extra loyal and the others will take a look around and keep on moving. Don’t try and write for everyone. You should check out our fellow blogger Ely at She Gives No Fox. She’s the queen of ranting and unapologetic and I love her for it. Whatever you do, just do it well. 🙂

  13. This this this! Thank-you so much for sharing your insecurities about blogging, which was surprising at first because your blog is a place I always view as wonderful exactly how it is, and so well put together. However, I guess it just shows that we are all only human, and there are all things we need to work on accepting about ourselves. I see your blog as honest, genuine, bold and authentic – it is one of my absolute favourites! Keep on doing you gal, because you are pretty darn fabulous at doing that <3

    1. Awww thank you so much lovely! And that was exactly what I wanted to share; ALL bloggers have insecurity and that’s totally cool 🙂 And oh my god that’s the best compliment you could give me, genuinely thank you so so much <3

  14. BUT GIRL, you’re the best sassy, logical sidekick there is!!! 😈

    For real though, I love this. It’s honestly the easiest thing in the world to get caught up in how people may interpret what we write or the way in which we express ourselves, but I think the MOST important thing, always, is to try and stay true to ourselves (easier said than done of course). Because at the end of the day, when we lose touch of who we are or when we put up this fake fascade, that’s when we end up feeling out-of-sync and doubtful. As you said, each blogger / writer is so different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses — and through that, we bring forward snippets of our personality and life experience… how crazy would it be if everybody was the same?! It’d be truly impossible. Because just as everybody’s journey through life is different, naturally so are their stories. We each have our own voice and that’s what makes it so damn interesting.

    And anytime you’re feeling insecure: remember that everybody who has stuck around and who reads your content on a regular basis, is ultimately here to hear from you. They love YOUR voice. And they wouldn’t be here if you sounded like anybody else. You rock girl!!! ❤

    1. Aww thank you!

      And ugh I know and the worst part is I know better, but you can never entirely convince logic and your mind to meet really! It’d be so BORING if everyone were the same, I dread to think!

      Aww you’re the cutest thing! So much love your way! <3

  15. I relate to everything you said. I think we all have moments where we doubt ourselves and feel like we’re not good enough but we have to remember that just by being ourselves, we are enough, cheesy as it might sound. I enjoy your content and think that you are photogenic from the Instagram photos lined up beside this post. But you have the right to have your insecurities. xx

  16. Thank you for this important post. I also feel insecure sometimes about my blog. I admire other blogs so much. It’s strange that we have that perception of our own blog. I think yours is awesome 💜 We all have insecurities but are doing a great job. I love your pictures and posts. They are really beautiful. The most important thing is to be happy about our blog and spreading that passion with others 💕

    1. Thanks for reading lovely! And think it’s totally natural for everyone to be insecure about things that they create, that’s what I wanted to share in this post 🙂 and thank you gorgeous – I love your site! <3 Agree with everything you said!

  17. I love this post. It’s so true. It’s hard to not be so hard on yourself. I’ve gotten to a point that I’m not just sharing, I’m venting. I’m getting things off of my chest. And I get feedback and people talk about my things that I was insecure about sharing with me and I feel better. This is a great post. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    1. I’m glad we didn’t have social media when I was a younger man; I would have been venting about romantic disappointments and then those things would be in the Internet for anyone to see, even if I’m different in many ways as a middle aged guy.

  18. I feel I lack the charisma to make it as a blogger. The posts that get the most likes and attention are photographic, not my prose. On facebook they love my bird pictures and photos of nature generally, but not so much my writing. While for some reason, other people write an essay and it stirs up all sorts of posts.

  19. You have such a wonderful blog. Fuck your insecurities honestly. Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished with where you’re at. Everything I catch myself on your blog reading your post, I can see your personality and originality truly shine in your writing. Be proud of that. 💖 I totally agree. We will never be anyone but ourselves so embrace that through yourself and your blog. Nobody should be insecure for putting their thoughts on paper no matter how your tone comes through. That’s you, and you are LOVELY ☺️ keep taking photos even if you don’t like them, keep writing no matter your tone. KEEP BEING YOU!! also on another note, YAS ON THAT RANT 🌸😁

  20. I 150% agree and relate to everything that you said. The blogging game is so saturated with incredible talent that it can be daunting to take the leap and publish things that don’t feel “good enough.” The comparison game is ugly and oftentimes knocks me flat on my butt. I feel like I SUCK at photography; I don’t have the right lighting, props or camera and I’m just winging it every time I sit down at my computer to write a post – lol. I also suck at the Instagram game; I don’t have a theme and my pictures are more everyday life, normal type photos. While I wish I could upload cute product/outfit pictures, I’m insecure about how I look in photos so I end up scrapping the idea before I ever even try. However, despite feeling like I don’t stack up 99% of the time, I constantly remind myself that I can only do what I can do. I need to stop comparing what I’m doing/writing about with what everyone else is doing. It’s so easy to lose your focus (and yourself) in the blogging game and begin to resent what you once used to love. This is a great post and incredibly relatable! Thank you so much sharing and keep being AWESOME! XOXO

  21. Goodness, if it’s not wondering whether my posts are too long, or whether I’m balancing seriousness and humor well enough, or whether anyone cares about the links I like to include, or if I look like slime for trying to earn a dollar, then it’s something else. There were times that I literally had to exhale while I pressed publish.

    And I love photography, but social media does have a definite formula, and I hate feeling formulaic. I’m still trying to find what works best for me. I want to show more humor in my IG because fuck it, I’m funny. 🙂 I totally feel you on the hot chocolate in wintertime. I refuse to go into a fucking store and buy a beverage I rarely drink for the sake of a photo. After one million hours of my life spent trying to raise my social media numbers with barely any progress, I’ve decided that I won’t be so hard on myself. Also, I love Arundhati’s writing as well. Thanks for saying so well so much of what I feel.

      1. It’s so cool to think that someone out there is working in their basement, studio apartment or coffee shop on the next big thing. Something none of us have imagined. I wonder what it could be!

  22. First this post is right on! YES to alliterations and taking pictures of ALL the tea! Though in my case it is ALL the coffee (cause I am American?;p )
    It is hard being a blogger and even a writer, when you see so may amazing blogs out there. Insecurities are abounding, but it really is important to be authentic and raw and gritty WHATEVER that means to you and YOU girl have it in spades. I love your blog. Not to sound stalkers and creepy, but I would love to meet you, because you sound like an amazingly cool person to grab that tea so we can of course take pictures with it ;p (well coffee in my case) But seriously. You are amazing. And I love how honest and vulnerable you are with this post. BUT
    MIA YOU ARE SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS! (Sorry this called for all caps) AND PHOTOGENIC AND TAKE AMAZING PICTURES! You don’t have to believe me, BUT I would not say it if it wasn’t true. Keep on rocking and being your amazing sassy stunning self (alliterations!) because it is truly a joy to follow your blog. So much love to you sweets. <3

  23. I completely related to all of this post 😊 I get so insecure about my blog sometimes especially its growth and how authentic people really think it is. But like you said we can’t let our insecurities over power us 😊 btw I think you have awesome photos in your blog and always look so pretty in them so I don’t think 3 and 4 should be insecurities at all xx

  24. Amen, sister! When I decided to take my blog seriously, I wasn’t aiming for overnight success or an overnight brand. I just wanted a space to share my thoughts, discoveries, and in between all that, slay these outfits and this makeup, lol. But it’s really hard not to get in your own head (especially as an avid blog reader). We’re all on content overload and it gets hard sometimes to identify what you’re doing and why.

    You’re being tough on yourself—I immediately got your wit and sense of humor. I genuinely log on hoping to see more posts from you!

    Love your blog’s new look! ❤️


  25. I disagree with #3. You are very photogenic!

    I’ve started to get a bit insecure with my blogging as well. Mainly because I’ve been struggling to grow my audience. I’ve always got the same people commenting on my posts, and I’m so thankful to have those loyal readers. However, I still want to grow a bigger audience and have more people interacting with me, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening lately. I’ve also been struggling with things to post about this month.

  26. I relate to so much of this T^T
    But the simple truth of the matter is that we are our own harshest critics. Such insecurities are purely of our own imagining, as most of our readers aren’t thinking those things about us at all! I go through a lot of these emotions when I write about mental health, especially. I live in a very conservative region of the world, where views on mental health/illness are incredibly skewed, so my anxiety about the subjects tends to leak into my writing. However, the internet is an absolutely amazing place. No matter where in the world that you are from, everyone is incredibly open about their struggles with mental health or anything else. And I’ve found it always helps with those insecurities when the feedback is more positive than negative! Hopefully all of us in the blogging community can help each other get over our insecurities and create some of the best content we ever have!

  27. Yes, nicely job done with this post. I have some of the same insecurities too and at times it baffles me how I always tell everyone “just be confident in yourself and in your content” but I can’t even follow my own advice lol. I’ve had lots of fears and insecurities regarding my blog and I think comparison was the big one that almost made me quit. I’m reminded that that’s why a lot of bloggers sort of quit because their blog isn’t getting traffic, or their photos aren’t good enough but I often feel the same way. A lot actually. I do my best to stay true to myself and I don’t try to copy others but rather pull inspiration from them. I think that other bloggers are vital to our growth, not in the sense of engagement or followers, but in the sense that you learn things from one another, get inspiration from them, and often, there’s a few people who will encourage you along the way and tell you your content is good and they actually enjoy it. I for one enjoy your content as well and I think you’re an amazing blogger. I love your sense of humor, it’s unique, and in the end, that’s usually what blogging is about. The uniqueness in you that you bring to the table. 🙂 this comment may not make much sense and I’m aware that it doesn’t flow very well but those are my thoughts on this post, though I have more lol.

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  29. Love this post! I can relate to this so much! But thankfully I overcame my insecurities! Even though I’m not that confident about me and what I create but I’m happy and I tell myself that that matters most! I always used to compare myself to other people (and to be honest the people around you, wants you to compare yourself to other people) and I always thought they were so much better than me in any way possible and I thought maybe I was just making fun of myself there. But, soon I realized it’s useless and I just stopped comparing myself to anyone! xx

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