My 90s Inspired Summer To Autumn Lookbook

Why, hello you sexy beast; how are you this fine day?

I think we can all admit that we are firmly in Autumn territory. Yes, the sun is making its final attempts at shining through . . . but it’s time to call it quits. Game over. Good try.

Now, woes about lavender fields closing their gates before I got a chance to visit aside, the coming of Autumn means . . . the coming of an Autumn wardrobe.

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Oh – and hot chocolate. Lots and lots of hot chocolate. Oh god, the next couple of months are going to be great!

However, for now, we’re stuck in this awkward kind of limbo wherein it’s not quite Autumn, but it’s definitely not shorts and sandals season anymore. So what on earth do we wear?

Well, I thought about this problem. Then I suffered many wardrobe mishaps that led to my body temperature being unreasonably abused by my sudden and drastically changing climate. And then I thought some more.

And then I made this.

Watch it and cringe. No, seriously though, can you watch it and give me constructive criticism? I’m trying to improve my video creation, but I’m not a massive Youtube fan or video editor so it’s a struggle.

Anyways, outfits.

#1 – Stripy Shirt and THE BEST SKIRT EVER

Look, I’m not going to be one of those bloggers where I wear something completely different every time I post an OOTD, okay? I will reuse pieces multiple times, because I think you should wear your clothes more than once. It’s just good value for money.

So I know that you’ve already seen this skirt. But hey – it’s great and it goes with everything. So have it again. (And if you, like, actually want it it’s from Topshop for £34.)

 The top is awesome – and retro as hell. There’s also a little heart cut out of it and I love that. The material is ribbed and surprisingly thick (in a good way) so not only does this look cool – it’s also nice and warm. Throw on a black cardigan on top and you’re good to go.

#2 – Retro Schoolgirl AF

I love layering, I really do. It’s probably one of my favourite things about 90s fashion – and if this outfit doesn’t make you think of Clueless, then I just don’t know about your taste in movies.

Personally, I love checkered print, but I always find it really hard to style outside of flannel shirts. And, unfortunately, flannel shirts do not suit me at all. They’re kind of a hot mess, just without the hot. So this print totally jumped out to me (to be fair . . . the colour. I love.)

I think this is a UNIF dupe, but I got it off Depop (if I do a themed lookbook and I’ve purchased things for it, they’re usually things off Depop because who’s spending lots of money on a weird lookbook like 20 people will see?) for like £10. Slip dresses are a big yes from me – but this one is doubly so as you can throw on tights and a thick, big-knit cardigan if it’s cool – and whip ’em off if the sun decides to make an appearance.

#3 – Red Dragon Jacket


So this features possibly my new favourite jacket. Those of my followers who have been here since the very beginning will remember my Best Jacket Ever OOTD post (I believe it was my second ever post… damn, that has gone quickly!) featuring this jacket:

Missguided Denim Jacket – £45

But Missguided have done it again! (The money stealing bastards.) My latest favourite jacket is also from them and is a black leather jacket (strong yes.) with red dragon embroidery. I actually managed to restrain myself from instantly buying (mainly due to already having two black leather jackets) . . . but after a few months of pining I decided that I work 5 days a week. I’m allowed a nice jacket to keep me warm on the way to and from work. Right? Right?

(I wanted to link to the jacket here, but I can’t find it . . . so I assume it’s out of stock. Keep an eye out, though – it really is gorgeous!)

#4 – No, mum, I’m not coming out. Jeez.

Again, two items that you’ve seen in my last OOTD post  – my velvet lace trim cami and my rainbow jacket. I like to call this jacket the Pride jacket as the reaction my father had upon me entering with this jacket was “Oh, Mia – you don’t need to come out; we guessed.”.

I kind of wish I was gay just for that. Imagine what a great way to come out to people – talk about a statement jacket.

Moving on.

Oh wait, we’re done. Great!

So, kids – did you like these outfits? I always find myself being inspired by the 90s – mainly because I just love 90s TV and I end up watching a ridiculous amount of it. (Karaoke night and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song go hand in hand.) The fashion is just brilliant – and then it took a complete nose-dive in the 00s, but let’s not even go there. Would you wear any of these outfits? And how did the video go? I’m thinking that (if this is ever attempted again) I minus the voiceover. Let me know your thoughts below!


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39 thoughts on “My 90s Inspired Summer To Autumn Lookbook”

  1. Oh my goodness you look amazing, I swear you’re the prettiest person ever 😭 I love the 90s style so much, I’d absolutely wear all of these!! I have pieces like it similar in my wardrobe. Love this post!! xx

      1. Ahhh I’ve got a while to go before I do a lookbook yet, I’m nowhere near confident enough to do it at the minute !! It’s one of my goals for the new year, & yessss drop me an email lovely!! I’d love to ✨xx

      2. Don’t worry – you’ll totally get there. I was the exact same this time last year – and I ALWAYS get a twinge of insecurity when I post even a photo online – but it’s definitely possible to overcome! And woo-hoo – let’s do it! 😀 xx

  2. Loved the comment about wearing clothes more than once, aha! I noticed just this weekend than in all the photo’s I’ve posted on my linked instagram account I tend to be wearing the exact same crop and leggings, I have no idea why that happens because I only wear the same ones around once a week due to the nature of my job, aha.
    Also the style is great, thanks for sharing! xx

  3. Oh my god!! I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m so glad I did!! You’re so funny and adorable!! 😀
    Love the polaroids so much, it brings such a cool vibe to your post!! The drawing next to your signature is so beautiful, I really want to create my own signature on my blog as well!!

    Cadmium red (M)

    1. Aww thank you so so much lovely – that means a lot! And thank you – I do like me some cool graphics 😀 If you are trying to make a footer, I recommend Canva. It’s brilliant for graphics – and it’s where i made my footer xx

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