My 2018 Planner & 7 AMAZING Planners You Need In Your Life

Warning: (planner) porn ahead. Raw, filthy, unfiltered dirt. The kind of thing that will make you shudder in revulsion, yet keep looking in morbid fascination. The kind of thing that you’d dump your boyfriend over. The kind of thing your internet provider will quietly note down your IP address and anonymously send it to the police over. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Hi, you hedonists; how we doing this fine day? We are 3 days into 2018, which is an insanity of it’s own kind. I know it’s only 3 days, but they’ve flown by – and the UCAS deadline is in eleven fucking days. I actually can’t; I’ve been reduced to an internet meme.

However, that’s not the point of this post. What is the point, you ask? Well, my dear friends, the point of this post is the ever-seductive lure of stationery – namely, planners. If you’ve been following me for a while, aside from a heartfelt congratulations on your taste in internet content and a thanks for putting up with my shit, you will know that I am obsessed with planning and journalling; God only knows how many times my bullet journal has been mentioned on this blog! (In fact, it was mentioned in the last post . . . )

But we aren’t here to talk bullet journals; we’re here to talk planners and agendas. Those sturdy, prewritten handy pockets of productivity that you can use to get your shit together with little to no real effort. Isn’t it great? Now, I could use this time to sell you on planners and how much they can – and, if you use them, will – improve your organisation and generally your overall life – but . . . I don’t want to waste time telling you what you already know.

Which is that planners rule and when our seahorse overlords rise up against us, we should sacrifice the children first to protect our precious paper.

Now, as you can probably imagine, I’m pretty– okay, very fussy when it comes to planners. Lined? No. No monthly overview? Well, I need one. Paperback? Not my cup of tea. Ugly? Life’s too short for that nonsense.

My trusty Papaya Art for some bizarre reason didn’t release a calendar this year, breaking my heart a little, so I was thrown to the wolves and left to fend for myself in the wilderness of Kate Spade’s and own-brand lined diaries. I won’t lie to you; it was hard. However, I have prevailed and come out on top . . . with a walk-through of my 2018 planner and 8 of my top picks for you. Watch le video – it’s 2 minutes long and I describe all the important (ish) bits.

1. Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

So the top spot on my list has to go to my planner of choice, right? I’m using this as a blog planner, but you can use it for your everyday life. It comes fully set up for you (a lot of ringbound planners that utilise inserts, like this one, don’t, so that was a nice surprise) and it’s so sturdy when I found it I wanted to cry a little bit.

For me, I like my planners to be ringbound and with that folder kind of cover – purely because I tend to take on a lot of projects throughout the year, which means I end up needing like 5 or 6 additional sections and I add in a hell of a lot. Plus, I love to have tangible memories, so I often include stuff like tickets, emails, cards, etc. This means I need room, but I also need something that can protect my shit.

Heidi Swapp’s memory planners are perfect for this; if you’re in America, you’re in luck because her whole (amazing) store is available to you. If you’re like me and in the UK, the only retailer is currently Hobbycraft.


Heidi Swapp Memory Planner – Hobbycraft – £30* – Affiliate Link

2. Law Of Attraction Planner

My next favourite planner pick absolutely has to be the Law Of Attraction planner. Firstly, my mum has this and it’s insanely pretty – but it’s also so motivational and, even better, actionable. I’m a big believer in the Law Of Attraction and manifestation (mainly because that shit works!) and I actually have a seperate notebook that I use just to write manifestatins down in because they work so well . . . but this planner is perfect for those that want a guide to using manifestations and implementing the Law Of Attraction into their daily life.

For me, it’s a little too rigid – you can literally plan your day by the hour, which works amazingly for some people, but filling in planners to that degree doesn’t work too well for me (hence why my personal planner is a bullet journal where I completely control how much or how little needs to be written). That said, this has to be my next-favourite planner purely because the potential for absolutely life-changing productivity is there, so if you want to be organised, but aren’t quite there yet and need some guidance . . . this is the planner for you – and it’s available in the UK and the US.

Law Of Attraction Rose Gold Planner – Amazon UK* – £29.95

ON SALE – Law Of Attraction Rose Gold Planner – Amazon US* – $23.95

3. Master Plan 2018 Diary

This one’s a little more a quirky – and I love it!

Brown Master Plan 2018 Organiser Brown Master Plan 2018 Organiser

My Master Plan 2018 Planner – TK Maxx – £7*

4. 365 Bullet Journal Guide

Again, we all know that I live for bullet journalling . . . but I appreciate that a lot of other people don’t, or want to get into bullet journalling but aren’t sure how to. This book is the perfect guide between a bullet journal and a normal planner; a lot of things are set up for you and it’s all guided.

Slide View: 1: The 365 Bullet Guide: How to Organize Your Life Creatively, One Day At A Time By Zennor Compton

Amazon UK – £7*

Amazon US – $9*

5. Geometric Folder Planner

My favourite type of planner! I feel like this design just screams “blogger” too.

Geometric Planner – Hobbycraft – £22


6. Happiness Planner

If you haven’t seen the Happiness planner making the rounds the past couple of years, where have you been? An entire planner dedicated to making sure you are feeling good? How about hell yes?

Slide View: 1: Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner – Urban Outfitters – £26*

7. Make Shit Happen Planner

Does this need explaining?

Amazon UK – Make Shit Happen Planner – £7.99

Well, okay my beautiful humans – that’s us done! I hope you guys have enjoyed the past couple of days of 2018 and are still feeling motivated and excited for the upcoming year. For my part, I’m trying to psyche myself up to tackle the issue of my portfolio . . . it’s slow-going, shall we say, but I’m determined!

What did you think of my planner? I think I’ve been converted to a Heidi Swapp fan! Do you guys use planners? Do you like any of these that I’ve selected? Oh – and did you enjoy the video? One of my goals for 2018 is to consistently post on Youtube, so expect my video quality to improve with practice. Do you like those kind of flip-through videos? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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77 thoughts on “My 2018 Planner & 7 AMAZING Planners You Need In Your Life”

  1. Happy new year, my lovely! Your Youtube videos are already professional and fun to watch, so a thumbs up on that front. The planners are giving me doses of envy but I shall content myself with the new journals I have just laid my greedy hands upon. I shall however follow up on that crucial bit of advice: Make Shit Happen. xx

    1. Happy New Year you wonderful woman! I hope 2018 is amazing for you 🙂 And thank you so much – I think my latest one (a mini lookbook) is the best I’ve done so far; I’m definitely trying at least 😀 And oooooooh journals are just as good. I do think that advice is pretty solid xxx

      1. A mini lookbook sounds ogleworthy. I do not think it is in this very post thought, right? I would love to see that! Now that is something I might be tempted to try too. Hugs xx

  2. I’m going to ask since no one else will—is TK Maxx the U.K. version of TJ Maxx?

    I’m so glad you obsess over writing, planning, metrics—and most importantly, aesthetics—like I do. I don’t feel so alone in this big ass universe. Thx for these great planner options! Fabulous post as per usj!

    I’m slowly gathering up the cajones for YouTube. I have some of the equipment already but who knows when I’ll *actually* film this makeup tutorial I keep promising everyone I know. 🙄


    1. Ahaha yes, yes it is. It was so bizarre – we went to New York in December and were so baffled when we literally walked into TK Maxx. Same stock and everything!

      And girl YES. I’d say it’s a problem, but I attribute literally 90% of everything I do successfully to planning, so it’s totally note. On that subject though, if you’d ever like to collab on something along those kind of lines just let me know – I’d definitely be up for it 😀

      Honestly, I feel you. I find filming SO awkward and then watching myself back is like….dear god the CRINGE. But honestly, just go for it and try! I’m sure you’ll be great at it 🙂 xx

  3. I didn’t even realise how much I needed this post until now (seriously I really needed it cause this girl right here still hasn’t got herself a 2018 planner and that’s an level 1 emergency)

  4. Love these journals! It seems I’m more of a journal collector than a journal writer because I have so many that I’ve started and never actually finished. 😂 Either way, I bought a bullet journal to fulfill one of my goals for 2018: track my fitness goals, collect healthy recipes, and use it as an outlet for my emotions.

    1. Thank you lovely! And I can actual really agree with that; I’ve kind of learnt what things work and don’t for me and normal journalling DEFINITELY doesn’t work for me – I can never sit down and like write pages about my day. I’m glad you’re taking up bullet journalling, it’s super fun and creative 😀 xx

    1. I’m glad someone understands! Like if I’m depending on something to help me make the most of my time on earth and it’s supposed to last me an entire year, I think being cautious about quality is really very fair!xx

      1. Exactly ! & I still need to be obsessed with it aesthetically until the end of the year else I won’t get anything done and my whole world will crumble down around me 😂 xx

  5. I love the flip through video! I love the way you created it. Also, I’m a die hard fan for planners. I actually just bought one this year. It’s been 3 years since I have because bullet journals took it’s place, but since I found I don’t have much time to make it pretty anymore, I wanted to buy something that came pretty. Thanks for sharing all these awesome planners. xx

    Natalie |

    1. Thank you so much! I actually wasn’t all that happy with it; I think my bullet journal setup one was a bit better, so I’m glad you liked it! And that’s pretty similar to me – I use my bujo for personal goals and notes because there’s no PRESSURE; if I don’t have time and I skip a couple of days it’s fine. For more serious things (like blog goals, job appointments, uni work) I prefer a pre-done planner that I don’t have to spend all the time on xx

  6. I loved the video! Your planner is so cute and so are all of the other ones you shared! My life is a mess. I always buy planners and never use them.

  7. I am obsessed with planners so this is exactly the post that I needed in my life! I already have several of them all set up for 2018 but these can break my bank account at any time :’) Plus, your little video was the cutest – I can tell that your YouTube journey will lead to amazing destinations! Xox

  8. Hi I just came across your blog and I love it! So unique! Definitely giving you a follow. I need a journal and now you’ve made it impossible to decide!! I had an active blog 2 years ago and I have just posted my first post in 2 years after some difficult experiences. But I am back up and running and would love for you to take a look at my blog. I will be renaming and rebranding in the next few weeks!

  9. I’ve actually fallen off my bullet journal game for a few months… *well that flopped incredibly badly LOL* and I’m not sure if I will get back into it soon since I’m going away next month. Time will tell but I’m still managing to keep on track thanks to Google Keep!

  10. I know I won’t use up the entirety of a planner, which is why I never get them no matter how gorgeous they are inside and out lol. I do however, would LOOOOVE to get myself a bullet journal to spark a bit more creativity on my end because I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my creativity over the years. It would be nice to start up again and be more organized in the process 🙂

  11. Love the planners you shared, but alas planners and I are like long distance relationships, great a first and then the communication starts flaking and then the break-up happens, until it is a holiday (or the next year) and loneliness (or disorganization) comes a calling again. <3

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