How To Tidy Your Room: Spring Cleaning ft. Bayance


Tidying your room is not just a double-edged sword; there’s like 30 of those fuckers on there. On one hand, it’s kind of fun and satisfying. For an hour. Then your mind starts to begin to resemble Pandora’s Box and all sorts of ideas and inspiration burst forth and –

Oh, you aren’t tidying anymore.

Or you find an old diary, or book. Or you think “I’ll just have a ten minute break” that turns into a Game Of Thrones binge (#BOATSEX) and 8 hours later you’re still sitting in a messy room, wondering how you got here.

Hello, beautiful people – today we’re going to be going to be clearing out your room. Why? Because it’s Spring and we all know that means spring cleaning.

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Today’s post is number six in my collab month – and it is with the brilliantly fun Bayance. If you haven’t checked out her blog . . . well, you are missing out. Some bloggers just have oodles of personality and she is definitely one of them! We are each bringing you some spring cleaning room tips – and then, on the 17th, a cute room DIY! Make sure you check out her post.

First off – here are my top two tips:

1. Vacuum bags for clothes.

This, my dear friends, is a total game changer. Seriously – it takes the mess in your room and divides it into a quarter of the horrific mountain it once was. What am I talking about? Vacuum storage bags.

What I have started doing (and completely swear by) is organise my wardrobe by season (winter, spring, summer, autumn and versatiles). Stick all your summer stuff into one vacuum bag, label it as summer, and stick in storage. Same for all the seasons you aren’t currently in. That way, your clothes haven’t been thrown away – but they aren’t cluttering up your room.

Amazon UK – £6.89

Amazon US – $6.99
Look at that difference! You can imagine how much space you can save by packing your clothes away in these bad boys – plus, it just really helps to have clothes there’s no chance of you wearing moved out from under your feet.

Then, when the seasons change and you need items more suited for Spring or Summer, you can unpack your vacuum-packed clothes, be treated to the wardrobe you forgot existed and shove all your clothes from the previous season in the newly freed bag.

2. Sell old stuff on Ebay or a Cash For Clothes Service

I know this probably sounds completely bizarre, but it honestly works great. I managed to get rid of so much clutter just by sticking old clothes into a massive sack, someone then collected them (for free!) from me and I got paid. Easy as pie.

Here are the rest of my tips . . .

Tip #1 – Block out a day for tidying your room – and tidy during the day, while motivated by natural light

Tip #2 – Buy yourself something nice (okay, well nice and storage related) to put in your room

I know it sounds weird, but there’s nothing that motivates me to tidy my room more than knowing that I’ve got a great piece of room furniture waiting to be put up. That being said, I’m not recommending you buy junk – maybe a desk or a chest of drawers.

Tip #3 – DESTROY Distractions

Baby brother? Obliterated.

Tip #4 – Make a kick-ass “get pumped” playlist to keep the motivation going!

Music makes everything better.

Tip #5 – As with studying, abide by the strict “tidy for a set amount of time, have a set break, then come back and tidy – and do not let the two overlap”

The app Forest is fantastic for this; it allows you to block off sections of time (say 45 minutes) and not touch your phone. If you do touch your phone, your tree dies. The more you’re able to do these blocks of time, the more trees your forest grows. It’s incredibly satisfying.

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Tip #6 – Divide your room into sections and allocate time and an order to each.

Tip #7 – Make an action plan. Generals don’t go into battle without preparation.

This is a war, you vs. your messiness. Personally, what helps me is:

  • Do an initial sweep and just toss any rubbish into a black bag
  • Start organising what needs to be cleared out
  • Any washing that needs to be done, start it now
  • Tidy each section of your room
  • Clean!

Tip #8 – Give yourself a reward system. Because we’re all little kids that need the promise of ice cream to do our chores.

Secretly want to binge watch Try Guys on Youtube? (First of all: justifiable. Have you seen Eugene’s face? Worth the binge.) Get one section of your room done . . . and watch a video. Or buy that dress you don’t need, but really want.

Tip #9 – Recruit outside help

If there’s someone willing to help you, a second pair of eyes and hands always helps!

Okay, my beautiful children, those are my spring cleaning tips done! If you’d like some more, don’t forget to check out the wonderful Bayance’s post.

In case you missed my “What’s Coming Up In Spring!” post, this is one of an entire month of collab posts! (Exciting stuff, right?) Make sure you’re checking in regularly to discover some awesome new content creators – and some awesome new content. Remember, if you want to get involved, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at:

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Are you guys getting your spring clean on? What are your favourite tips for tidying up your room? Have you tried any of the ones I recommended? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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57 thoughts on “How To Tidy Your Room: Spring Cleaning ft. Bayance”

  1. YES. Reward system all the way – I normally try and reward myself with breaks hahaha – once I’ve tidied up a certain section I allow myself to take a breather! Great tips girly .xx

  2. *looks at bedroom floor* *looks at phone* *hesitantly bookmarks post*

    LOL SERIOUSLY GIRL! You have no idea how desperate I am for ANYTHING that makes my task a bit easier. At this point in just ready to burn it and not look back! I’ve never heard of the Forest app but that sounds sooo helpful x

  3. It’s actually hilarious that I’m planning to “deep clean” my room after reading some blog posts today haha. Playlist and timing myself is key!

  4. “Baby brother? Obliterated.” LOL, Mia. 😂 I have 4 younger brothers so I know exactly how you feel! & I’ve never heard of that Forest app before, how freaking cool!

    1. Oh god FOUR? My condolences … kidding, but getting ready in a household of four brothers must have been PAINFUL. And Hunida, honestly, the forest app is BRILLIANT – highly recommend having a look at it!x

  5. This is so useful ❤ My room can be such a mess sometimes omg 😂This is really useful. I always have so many stuff on a bed which I use as table hahah and I should definitely sort all those things.

  6. This is how I get it done! Although I’ve been having trouble fitting in clean-up days lately with my busy work schedule 🙈 thank goodness I’ve got the best helper in the game- my man

  7. Gurlll I loved this post!! I’m finding it kind of creepy how the intro is really true in my case. Seriously though, every time I clean my room, I end up reading diaries from Elementary school. 😂 I love the vacuum bags by season trick – I need to try it! Baby brother obliterated? Omg. 😂😂😂 Siblings are super annoying though! I usually turn off social media notifications because ugh Insta’s distracting and I always somehow end up on a Riverdale fandom account – just saying. 😂 I like dividing my room into steps so like my bed, my drawers, my closet..etc. Loved collabing with you!!

    1. Sorry I’m so late girly – been CRAZY busy, had to sort out my damn passport xD But thank you! And omg don’t – me too ;-; Nope, girly, agree with everything – and YES. I always end up on meme accounts or celebrity gossip…. i don’t even FOLLOW celebrities, why am i reading their gossip pls?That’s a great idea girly! And me too, excited for our collab today! <3

  8. Such great tips beauty! Being Type A my room (legit a room, because I live in a studio lol) is always ridiculously clean. In all fairness, if I let things get messy, I will be over run and you would never find me in the mess. Lol. I am always selling clothes on Ebay, Thredup and Poshmark, A greta way to turn over your wardrobe! Loving these collaborations posts! <3

    1. UGH MY WHOLE REPLY WOULDN’T SEND ;-; anyways, redoing! I wish I were naturally tidy tbh, and DO A HOUSE TOUR PLS! I love studio flats, they’re so damn cool! Also, guess who just bought a bunch of Jane Iredale samples? 😉 <3

  9. Tip 7 is exactly what I do. I take baby steps and follow a plan so it breaks it all down. At the minute I’m really to stay on top of things daily. So tomorrow I might dust, and then the next day I hoover. Otherwise my weekend feels like I’m Cinderella – minus the prince and glass slipper. xx

  10. Great tips 🙂 Vacuum bags have been on my shopping list for so long, with this room switch around I really need to get them bought now! So thanks for the reminder 😉

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